Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All over the place-

- My step-sister has a match, as a matter of fact she has a baby in her home this week! They've had one court hearing, but they have several more ahead of them. I believe in our state the final adoption hearing is after 6 months... so crossing my fingers that she doesn't have another disrupted match! He's beautiful, and every update just melts my heart. She's waited 6 years for this.

- We're in the midst of a major heatwave, like most of the US. It's 101F outside right now (and HUMID as hell). We bought a window a/c unit for lack of better options, and turned our dining room into a sitting room since it was the best room for the unit (Oh the joys of a 100+ year old home). It's so nice in here right now though. Not as cool as a home with central a/c, but it'll do! My kitchen feels like a damn sauna. At least V isn't grumpy because it's so hot, and he hasn't gotten heat rash since. Momma is happy about that.

- Rearranging the rooms put me into cleaning overdrive. I've just decided to declutter. Several bags of trash, and boxes for the thrift store later... I have more cleaning to do. Honestly, it's about time. I really need to simplify my life. All this junk just adds to my cleaning, and in recent years I've really come to value the statement "less is more."

- I finally took all the syringes from the fertility treatments/pregnancy and put them in containers for disposal. I have two large laundry detergent bottles full. I've been meaning to get rid of those so many times now, but I'm horrible about follow through. But, this week or next they are out of here.

- For someone who said I didn't think I could ever give myself an injection, I've sure given myself a ton.

- We were going to watch the fireworks tonight, but it's almost 8:30pm and still 101F. Not to mention we have a severe thunderstorm warning, and a messy front is moving in. It should hit sometime soon. The sky is pretty clear, but the radar tells another story. I don't think we'll be going after all. We really need the rain, but I'm hoping this storm is mild.

- V had his 6 month check-up on Monday. He's almost 19lbs and right on track. He had his shots, which made him grumpy. Man, I'd hate to be the nurse that does those injections. That poor woman; he screamed and screamed, then stopped the second she was out the door. I think he's on to her.

- A is taking vacation next week, and our anniversary is next Thursday (the 12th). We don't have any exciting plans, but it'll be nice to just spend some time as a family. I'm trying to think of fun things we can do, but I guess that'll depend on the weather. I can't believe it's been almost six years since we got married, nine since we started dating! That just seems like so long.

- I just bought brand new shorts two months ago, and they're already too loose. Having to buy new clothes because mine are too big? That is an amazing feeling! Heck, I found my old shorts that were too tight in 2010, and they're way too loose now too. Definitely an ego boost. I weigh less than I did when I was pregnant for the first time. I even weigh less than I did at my wedding.

- Sometimes I just need to brag and remind myself that all this hard work is worth it.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Wow! Congrats on not fitting into your shorts! That is awesome! You SHOULD brag :)

Lissie said...

Yay on the shorts and congrats to your step-sister! I'm also in the "less is more" mode. We are moving sometime in the next year. Could be next month, could be next May. So I'm trying to prepare now. I hate getting rid of stuff :)

KC said...

Congrats auntie!!!! I am so jealous you are doing so well with your weight, I need to start working at mine. Enjoy the fireworks!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your wait loss.

Congrats to your step-sister.

Wanna come help me declutter? said...

Awesome job on the weight loss!!

Lol, I still have all of my injections from my pregnancy with C and she's almost 15 months :)

I could not agree more! Any chance I get I try to get rid of stuff.

loribeth said...

Congratulations on everything -- the shorts, the decluttering, the anniversary...! It has been hot & humid here too. :p