Monday, December 19, 2011


All I did was wear myself out. Hahaha. I knew it.

My back is hurting less. It's in the same spot where I have issues with my spinal inflammation on the lower spine. I'm used to it... but it sucks. Hopefully it'll correct itself soon... until then, trying not to make it more angry.

We got all the holiday baking done, and I passed out all the holiday goodies. I've almost got all the presents distributed for the nieces/nephews, so that's a weight off my shoulders. When we went to FIL's, he wasn't home. But his wife was, step-MIL... who had to sneak in a comment about how FIL ended up with only grandsons so far, and how her niece is pregnant with a girl... okay then, insert awkward pause where we ignored her comment, and then she changed the subject (see past comments from step-MIL here).

Everyone kept saying how I must be so done with everything, and ready to have the baby since when they were at the end of their pregnancy they were so done with it themselves... and yes, I am ready to meet this baby, but not for the same reasons they were. I didn't explain to them about my sister or anything, I just kind of avoided the subject and said "Yeah, we're ready. We just don't want him to go overdue." And of course, without a proper explanation, they assume that it's for the same reasons that most people don't want to go overdue. Which isn't an invalid reason, but for me there is just so much more to it than that. I didn't bother explaining though, because I know that they wouldn't truly understand even if I had. They don't understand anything about our situation... for example, I've had to explain the need for blood thinners to my MIL several times, but she was still worried about the blood thinners hurting the baby... you know, after I told her about my sister, my losses, and how the blood thinners have possibly saved Nombie's life. My side of the family, there's no question of understanding it; my sister is scared about my OB letting me go too long, my mom is nervous... we know what can happen, and not one of us wants me to go overdue.

My mouth still hurts from my cavity filling. Ugh. It was a lot more extensive than my normal fillings, so I know that's why... but it hurts. I think it might be a little less sore today, but not anywhere near being 100% better yet. So that's frustrating.

39w+2d today... 5 more days until our EDD.

I hope Nombie comes soon. I go back Wednesday to see my OB, and I'm getting ready to put up one hell of a fight about a possible induction date... but I'd rather not have to, just the same. The longer I go, the more stressed out I'm getting about this though.


Rebecca said...

They had better listen to you on this one. I'm hoping that you'll give birth before the appointment but if you don't then maybe that evening you can convince them that you are in such pain that you need to be induced? Maybe?

Groves said...

When I read 39w + 2d...I felt breathless.

Oh, Nombie, such a long road - please, please come SOON.

Waiting, waiting with you,

Cathy in Missouri

Celia said...

There is no way to know what is really right. I had so many people tell me Peter was small and that I should have kept him in longer and I had just as many people saying he wasn't "ready" and I felt pretty guilty about it. I am getting a second helping now, since I am most surely looking at a second c-section.

But honestly no one knows. And when they took Peter out the cord was around his neck. So maybe if we had a vaginal delivery there would have been problems. There is just no knowing.

Pregnancy and labor have been the only times in my life when hard work and determination did not mean shit. Just make the best decision you can at the time.

Thinking of you and cheering you on.

Lissie said...

Super excited for you. I hope you go sooner! Fingers crossed!

venter said...

Very excited for you :) I hope he comes in the next couple of day. With all of your history and family history, you shouldn't even have to fight about being induced, seriously!

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Oh, so close! I hope your doctor listens to you too. Stay strong hun, you can do this. Thinking of you!

jessiwallace said...

I keep feverishly checking my google reader for updates on your blog! HAHA! I can't wait to see pictures of Nombie!! You have very valid reasons for being afraid to go over-due... I was scared out of my mind of going too long with Zoey. I hope you get some answers and clarity very shortly. Christmas baby!!

iamstacey said...

Oh my gosh, 5 days! Nombie could appear at any minute! So amazing! :) I'm so excited and happy for you all. It'll be so wonderful when you're holding him in your arms and finally all the worries will be behind you. It's been such a long hard road for you all! Happy Holidays to you all!