Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ow ow ow ow-

My tooth hurts. Like so much, that it hurt going to bed, then I dreamed that my tooth hurt. And when I woke up... you guessed it, the stupid thing still hurt. Looks like I need to go back to the dentist. Ugh.

In other news, I had an appointment today with my OB. I'm 38 weeks + 4 days today... and Nombie seems perfectly content to just chill out in my uterus. There was some small progress: I'm now somewhere between a fingertip and a centimeter dilated, and about 80% effaced. So I guess that's something?

We talked more about the possibility of induction, should I go overdue. My OB was talking about starting induction on January 1st, if I haven't delivered by then. Which would mean I'd have the baby around January 2nd.

I'm not cool with this for several reasons.

For starters, the serious: I DO NOT want to go over 41 weeks! January 2nd would be 41 weeks + 2 days. I know that it's just a couple days past 41 weeks, but I don't even want to go to 41 weeks. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... going overdue SCARES me. My sister lost her baby between 41 weeks and 42 weeks, and I KNOW I'm on blood thinners, while she wasn't... but that does not reassure my fears. It still scares the bejeezus out of me, and I just DO NOT want to worry about that. I just want this baby out alive and well. He's alive today, but there are no guarantees for tomorrows... I just feel like the longer we wait, the more risk for disaster.

Secondly, the frivolous: my insurance deductible starts over on January 1st... (*sigh*) My co-pay is already ridiculously high, but if I have to meet my deducible all over again? It's going to be outrageous. In the grand scheme of things, I could live with that though. I just want a healthy baby... but it would be hard, since we're still trying to recover financially from my bed rest and all these medical expenses (plus, now I'm unemployed so that won't help things). I realize how frivolous this is, and I remind myself of this all the time. So, while this would suck... I know that it would be okay. Money is just money... it'd be hard, but we'd survive.

Lastly, the less serious but possibly somewhat frivolous: My OB keeps scaring me by talking about how Nombie might be a very BIG baby, based on my growth ultrasound at 34wks as well as my fundal height. I know that is not an exact science, but she keeps talking about how he's going to be large, and how he could get stuck, and they need to know he's big in case they try to vacuum assist getting him out, and so on and so on... and I'm like, holy crap, the longer he stays in, the bigger he could get. Which means more risks and such... another reason to be scared about going overdue I guess.

She did mention the possibility of inducing on the 25th, and I'd have him on the 26th; but she's not keen on that idea at all, since I'd only be a couple days overdue. I like that plan much better. She, however, sites that the longer we wait the more chance my body could go on it's own. Also, the longer we wait, the more favorable conditions would be for an induction anyway. I can see her point... but seriously... I just want the baby out, alive and well. I don't care about how he gets here, I just want him to live.

We both hope all this talk is for nothing, and he comes on his own very soon. I feel very discouraged though; I just feel like he's not going to come out in a timely manner. I know that's not logical, but that's what I feel.

So, please send some labor progression vibes my way if you could. I'm going to give my body a pep talk, and then do some deep cleaning around the house... if I find the energy. I'm pretty exhausted lately, so anything more intense than the dishes seems to have taken the back burner on my priority list this week. But I will find the motivation to vacuum, I swear I will...

7 comments: said...

sending labor vibes your way!!

my OB tried scaring me with that stuff while I was pregnant with Elizabeth. "oh she's measuring big, if she's too big we'll do a c-section..." it drives me nuts that they try to push toward surgery and other means when you're not even in labor yet.

I hope he comes before the new year, also tax deduction! :)

Groves said...

None of this sounds frivolous to me! Not one bit.

Nombie, we need to have a talk...because there's waiting long enough and then there's waiting TOO long. Don't wait too long!!! Please, go easy on your Mama. She has enough to think about and really, wouldn't you rather just come on out...?

All in due time, but I know what you're saying...not OVERDUE.

Cathy in Missouri

blueeyedtawni said...

does nombie like spicy foods ???

I know sometimes spicy foods can kick start labor... (but you didnt hear that from me )

anyway I dont blame you on not wanting to wait and yeah co payments SUCKKKKK. I say december is a good month to have a baby :)

Rebecca said...

I've been thinking of you. A nearby friend who wasn't even dialectal gave birth over the weekend. I really thought for sure you would have popped before her. Here is hoping that soon you'll be feeding your boy without the umbilical cord.

Shannon Ivy said...

All in all it should be your decision on inducing, right? I'd go for December, for all the reasons above! Have you looked up ways to speed it up? Walking... go Christmas shopping... lol

Celia said...

You are closer to labor than I ever got with Peter. A c-section is not terrible, my ob said the odds of a c-section after induction are 50/50 but yours might be better since you were a bit dilated. The think no one tells you is that with a c-section your milk does not come in for 5 days. However, do not freak out about that. The baby's stomach is only the size of a quarter and till they poop is still full of meconium. They get the what do you call it, the colustrum.

Annyhow no one told me and so I tell everyone because I was panicked and crying.

I never did feel safe till Peter was on the outside. INSURANCE IS NEVER FRIVOLOUS. Money is a big deal. At least you are for sure going to have him before NYE, so you will get the tax write off which will help. Don't forget your husband can change his deductions- we got an extra 40 dollars a paycheck which was helpful.

And lastly, everyone told me Peter was going to be huge. He was 7 pounds 14 oz when he was born and that was AFTER we were both pumped full of fluids for days during the failed induction. When we were discharged he weighed like 6 pounds 12 ounces. However, I am still glad of the c-section since when they opened me up he had the cord around his neck.

Crystal said...

A girl I knew was told she'd have a huge baby, based upon multiple ultrasounds and fundal height. Turns out, her 39 week 2 day baby was only 6 lbs 4 ozs. She didn't have any newborn clothing for her. Eek. You can try to induce yourself, if you want to. Walking, anything that makes you have to poop (spicy foods, foods that make you go a lot, like apples or prunes, just not too many), because of the contractions they cause.. Nipple stimulation. Pressure points. Between thumb and index finger, pinch it and it's suppose to cause contractions, two inches above the inside of the ankle, press (hard), and it's supposed to cause contractions. There are other methods, but I don't think they're as safe as these. Sex, of course, but that one is totally up to you. Now, none of the home induction stuff is proven to work, but you can try if you get desperate.

Oh! Try some pelvic thrusts. Either sit on an exercise ball, or something similar, or in your bed with heels together, and rock your hips forward and back. It's supposed to help open the birth canal and get baby into position. Dunno if any of this helps/will help. :/ Good luck!