Saturday, December 24, 2011

40 weeks!

Since we already finished our holiday rounds, we're planning on a quiet weekend at home. We do have gifts to exchange, and we each bought one present for the baby that we thought the other one would like, for the other one to open. I can't wait to see what my husband got; I'm so curious. He also bought me some mystery present, and for the first time in awhile I am completely clueless about what he got me. I'm sure he's probably already figured out what I got him... but he swears he hasn't. We'll see! The present for him to open for the baby, and his own, are both VERY geektastic. I hope he likes them.

Of course, we're still waiting on our big present! I can't believe today is our estimated due date. He's still baking, but hopefully not for much longer. I am very happy to have made it this far though, and Nombie keeps reminding me that he's alive and well with little squirms... thank goodness. He's definitely running out of room in there- all the more reason for him to come out already! He does have quiet days though, and it scares the crap out of me when that happens.

Anyway, so the wait continues. I'm not really expecting anything to happen this weekend, but it would really be nice. I am so ready for this baby. I know people keep saying, "Oh just you wait, right now you have it easy." And making comments about how it's so much easier to take care of a baby in the womb, and how I should enjoy things now... I have news for them, because seriously, I've been waiting over 4 years for this... I am done "enjoying" the "calm" life without a baby. Fah. I just want to hold this baby in my arms, and I want to hear him cry; I want to kiss him and tell him how much I love him. I'm aware that it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but I have news for the people saying these things to me... life without children is NOT all sunshine and rainbows either.

In a completely unrelated rant- my mother and mother-in-law have gotten upset that they won't be in the room with me when I give birth. Okay, first of all, why would you assume I'd let you in there anyway? I'm going to be exposed and naked, and besides... this is a serious medical undertaking, not some circus side show exhibit. Second of all, my hospital's policy says that only my birth partner can be in there (and I'm very happy with this policy!). Also, when I'm in pain I like to be left alone- people ANNOY and STRESS me out. After my surgeries, I only wanted my husband with me. After my miscarriages, the same damn thing. And lastly, after everything I've been through to conceive this child, as alone as I've been with my miscarriages and the complications with this pregnancy, you better believe the only person who's going to support me during labor is the only person who's truly supported me through all of this- my husband! And seriously, after how involved our conception was- with all the doctors, the surgeries, the IUIs, the ultrasounds, bleeding, and injections- I personally think it's only right that the person who's seen it all with me, be the only one to see it all through to the end. My husband and I struggled so hard for this with little to no support- and no matter what happens, we're going to get through this the same way we always have: holding hands, just the two of us, together.



I've been following your blog for a little while. You look great!
I have to agree with you. I have 3 boys and always felt they were safer on the outside. It was always a relief for me to have them out! My sister always felt she could protect them better before they came out.
I hope you get your present really soon!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Any day now! So exciting! I am glad that your hospital has that policy. Thats how it should be...You guys need to meet your little one and share the frist moments together! Have a Merry Christmas!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Any day now! So exciting! I am glad that your hospital has that policy. Thats how it should be...You guys need to meet your little one and share the frist moments together! Have a Merry Christmas!

michelle hs said...

merry christmas! maybe he's just waiting for christmas? hope you get to meet nombie very soon!!!

St Elsewhere said...

Congrats on going full-term!

And if you want your hubby by your side and no one else, that is exactly how it should be! And the hospital policy is such a heaven-sent!

Good Luck and take care...and I pray for Nombie's safe arrival into the world.

Crystal said...

That's how I had my children, just I and my husband. Since I'm short, both husbands had to shove my feet towards my stomach while I pulled myself kinda upwards, though. Not much hand holding during pushes. Still, no matter what anyone says, no matter how angry they get, it is your moment. They can go screw themselves. They had THEIR moment to do things how they wanted, this is your time.

Your wording was wonderful, though.