Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you

Thank you all for your outpouring of support.

The REs office called and said he would be willing to do a monitored CloMood cycle... ummm, wtf? How about no? I tried that once, and well... what a waste of money. My ovaries started making follicles, and then quit. They reabsorbed by the third ultrasound... so do I want to pay all that money on an eighth CloMood cycle, that has very minor hope of working?

The nurse tried to make it sound like it was a good idea.
I was not sold.

I feel like I sound very wry lately. I am I guess. I'm so angry, and just agitated to no end. In this entire journey I have never felt this way. Usually I just felt defeated, accepting but slightly angry. Now, it feels like it's all anger. All rage. I don't like feeling like this, I much preferred the feeling of accepted hopelessness. Bah.


The Steadfast Warrior said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this. I can't imagine. I hope enabling comment moderation will help ease some of the crazy sh*t that hit the fan recently.

If you ever do go private, you better take me with you lady!

As for your RE, what an idiot. I'm really hoping things turn around for you. Anger is normal and perfectly fine to feel but I understand not wanting to be there all the time.


Kristin said...

I sucks to have reached that level of frustration. {{{Hugs}}}

WiseGuy said...

You deserve all that support, hon.

Nice that you got that comment moderation on, atleast you will be saved on asshat comments.

If you have not responded well to 8 Clomid cycles, it is funny that you doc is trying to persuade you for another...

All the best for the upcoming cycle.

MrsSpock said...

My RE always said that doing more than 6 Clomid cycles was pointless. Eventually your lining starts to thin. Injectables then?

Anonymous said...

Good decision on the comment moderation. I was still to disturbed by what I was reading.... but if you can just delete them and not let them affect you then it should work out well.

I'm sorry that your father is being an ass. Don't hesitate to involve the appropriate authorities if it comes down to that. Your brother should not be placed in the position he is in with his father. If nothing else perhaps his mother could consult an attorney and have legal custody modified to include only supervised visits with Dad?

Does your RE practice get a kickback on the Clomid? WTF? What is the definition of insane? Repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting differnet results. Move on.

Here's hoping the Universe has some kindness to offer your family right now and in the future.

Best wishes.

p.s still looking at that pic, just trying to decide on size. Thought it would look good in the new bathroom.....

Kathy (ex angrycanrn)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your having a crappy time.
I know the frustration part.
I also had to moderate my comments because I was getting some horrible and nasty comments on any blog that I talked about my fertility frustration.
I still don't get where people think they have the right to say some stupid, mean things to people.
Hope it all helps!

Martha said...

Here from LFCA with support and best wishes.

Michelle said...

I am just really sorry about all that you have had to endure lately. I too hope the comment moderation helps. You do not need that stress. I am here offering all my support and lots of hugs. I have everything crossed that this cycle works for you!