Friday, February 8, 2013

Results and hassles-

I got my TSH results- 1.64. So that's great. They're going to keep me on my current dose of medication to keep that in check.

We still haven't gotten our insurance cards, so I had to pay for the test and the medication out of pocket, then petition for reimbursement. Which is really dumb because I bet they're going to spend more on paper work and manpower reimbursing us than the stuff is worth- the test was $15, and the medication is going to be $13. Which means they're supposed to cover $18 worth of that. I could let it go and save myself the effort, but $18 is $18 that I shouldn't have to pay... so you bet I'm filling out the paperwork. They wouldn't give us the group/policy ID over the phone, they said we had to wait for the card... so that's that.

I might still be bit bitter about the insurance change.

I ordered some OPKs and they should be here today, I guess I'll start those over the weekend. My temps are still rocking steady, so they seem pretty reliable so far.

Thanks for all the comments on the previous posts. The weight gain could be partly due to the hormonal stuff, that is a great point. I think that a significant amount of the weight and bloating are probably due to my bad eating habits and relapse into caffeinated beverages (full of calories and migraines, ugh) but I'm sure the hormonal aspect hasn't helped anything either! Hopefully as my body sorts itself out and I get back on track (and away from soda) we'll be good. This morning the scale said that I've regained 2-3lbs instead of 3-5lbs, so hopefully that's progress. I did eat greasy pizza last night, skipped my jog too, due to yet another nasty migraine... sooo I'm sure that ummm, yeah. I'm planning on doing my jog tonight, so I'm not skipping it completely... just postponing. I still feel like a slacker though.

Anyway, I need to just say no to caffeine- and soda in particular. I'm pretty sure it's the cause of my migraines. I felt a million times better when I was off it completely. I wasn't have sugar/energy crashes, anxiety, and feeling like I was hit by a car. I don't feel as bloated and gassy when I'm off carbonated beverages either. They sabotage my calories. And since we're TTC, that's all the more reason to say no.

Honestly, I found it harder to quit caffeinated beverages than I did to quit cigarettes. Probably because they're so readily available, it seems so innocent, I mean it's just soda. What's the big deal, right? Well, for my body it is a big deal and I need to start listening to my body more. Even if it's just once a week, it leaves me feeling like total crap... and that should be all the sign I need.


Shelby said...

Right there with you! I am so ridiculously addicted to caffeine. It's not only readily available, but in some ways, it's encouraged! I mean, even at my job people meet at the coffee shop to do business. Ugh. How can I stay away? It must be addictive, because I get headaches and it does a number on my stomach and yet still...I just love it.

When I was pregnant, I dropped the nightly glass of wine at the drop of a hat, but I remember walking by Starbucks and practically drooling like a Pavlovian dog. More power to you! I'm trying to kick it, too and I think it might be the death of me.

Rebecca said...

I gave up soda years ago except for the occasional glass of ginger ale when my stomach is really upset. Soda caused too many issues with IBS.

AnotherDreamer said...

I had given it up entirely too, and it really was for the best. I just have so much trouble saying no to it, it's like I let myself have it once a month, and that lead to once a week, and now I sometimes have it 2-3x's a week, and it's just wreaking havoc on my system. I need to revamp my willpower big time.

An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Soda is so hard. I've gotten off it a few times but always end up addicted again. No willpower for me. It is just so refreshing. I agree with you though, I have to be all or nothing with it. I do fine as long as I'm not having ANY.... but as soon as I do, I'm suddenly doing it every day. Good luck! I really do think no caffeine is a good idea.

Stinky said...

I'm with you on the caffeination, it IS hard, and yes, partly because its so socially acceptable too, and so easy to 'fix'. I'm not a massive soda drinker but have really enjoyed the odd coke/lemonade lately (maybe my body has found a sneaky way to get at the caffeine that way?). My big weakness is cups of tea (how terribly english) - the accompany ANYTHING - waking up, going to bed, breaktimes, googling, sitting in the sun, a reason to get up and stretch legs at work.

I'd be the same for the insurance charge - its not so much the money, its the PRINCIPLE!

Scales are liars and not to be wholly trusted