Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend update-

Here are the OPKs from last week. The top one is from Thursday, with Wednesday's positive being below it (dates descend down). I had a slight rise in my BBT since the 14th, by about .2-.3 degrees. It's not much though so I'm hemming and hawing over it. Naturally. The OPKs have went back to obvious negatives, so eh. Either I surged and faked out, or I ovulated... I think either possibility is possible.

There is a rise, but it's really not anywhere near as much as in the past. V has been keeping me up a lot, he had a fever today (and I don't feel so well myself now) but I would think the sleep deprivation would make my temperature higher more than anything. I have been taking a lot of Tylenol/Ibuprofen because of a cavity, but I don't know how much that could affect things.

I'm not going to stress it though, as I have a very busy week ahead of me.

Monday it's off to meet my new RE to hound her with questions. If my temp is still up I'll go ahead and get a prescription for progesterone too. If I did ovulate I bet it was pretty weak. I don't hold much hope for this "cycle," but it's a start.

I think I'm more excited about seeing the dentist on Tuesday at this point though. Is that bad? My tooth is really bothering me right now- it wasn't that bad a few days ago, but it's gotten worse I guess. Ugh.


Rebecca said...

Understandable about wanting to go see the dentist. But I can still hope for good things for this cycle for you.

MrsSpock said...

I always had positive OPKs and good EWCM, but my temps were always sluggish. The labs we did on those natural cycles would show a crappy 7 DPO progesterone of 8.5. On the cycles I conceived, my temps spiked high and stayed high.

AnotherDreamer said...

Thanks Rebecca :)

MrsSpock, usually the lower temps corresponded to less than stellar ovulations and progesterone levels for me too. The really nice and high ones were always a good sign though.

On that note, my temperature shot up to its normal post-ovulation range this morning (pre-Ov is usually below 97, while post-Ov is usually 97.7 and up). I don't know if it's entirely accurate though since I've came down with a cold since last night- V had a fever, so I knew it was going to catch me too. Ha.