Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And off we go-

I had an almost positive OPK last night, and one that definitely looks positive today (CD 14, going by my last BCP). With PCOS sometimes we can get false starts and OPKs can be unreliable (I've never experienced this, but I know they can be), so I'll see what my temperature does in the next coupe of days. So far it's been very steady, despite my unpredictable wake up time. So I might ovulate this cycle after all, despite not getting that withdraw bleed. We shall see! I have been having some discomfort near lefty, which usually happens when I'm getting ready to ovulate or have a cyst. But lefty tends to hurt at sporadic times too, she's rather sensitive. I was having lots of lefty issues while I was on BCP- I'd always get pain there prior to my mid-cycle bleeding. So that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it might. I'm kind of bloated and tender in my lower abdomen, but that could be related to any number of things.

V hasn't been sleeping well at night. I think his one tooth is bothering him, since it's starting to push down on the gums in prep for cutting through. That's always t he killer stage for him. So I haven't been going to bed very early, and I haven't been getting to sleep very long either. Thankfully he slept through the night again tonight... the first time in months. Huzzah! Anyway, there's been that challenge on top of things.

A and I are going out to celebrate Valentine's Day today. We don't usually do much for Valentine's Day, we don't usually do gifts, A usually waits until the day of to buy me flowers/candy anyway. He's a last minute gifter; always has been. A big thing for me though is eating out. And I hate eating out with a crowd. I don't like big crowds. They make me nervous, anxious, I get headaches, and I don't like all the noise. So we've always went out for Valentine's dinner the day before, or the weekend after. I can't this weekend, so it's the day before for us! I'm excited for cheese biscuits... that's probably sad, but with my diet I can't really have biscuits or rolls except on special occasions. They just have too many calories!

This weekend should be very diverting for me. My best friend and I are going to look at wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses on Saturday. Then on Sunday we're going to a local bridal show to get ideas for her. I've never been part of a wedding, other than my own, so this is actually pretty exciting for me. It warms my heart to see my friend so happy, and I can't wait to be a part of this. It is a little daunting, all the bridesmaids are sort of maid of honor collaboration since the maid of honor is her 12 year old daughter, so I'll be working with her sisters and we'll hopefully pull this thing together.

I don't have much experience with weddings, I mean mine was a Cherokee blanket ceremony in a park and we had a potluck for a reception. We seriously considered eloping since I hate crowds and attention. I never grew up dreaming of weddings. My parents eloped (on Valentine's Day, ironically enough) and went through a bitter divorce. There weren't wedding photos hanging in their homes (because there weren't any), and they both swore they'd never remarry. I never dreamed of my wedding day, but I wanted to get married some day... just, you know, quietly. Anyway, I'm getting off track! I don't have a lot of experience with what's normal when it comes to weddings, or about proper etiquette, or about wedding showers (never had one of those either), I mean I know a little but I don't know a lot. I've been to two wedding showers, and five weddings in my life (not counting my own). This is all new territory for me! I'm great at coming up with ideas and giving feedback to my friend, and that's the stage we're at now... I feel like once we get past that I might get a little overwhelmed though. But, I'm not to old to learn. Right?

Back on track though with this cycle:

I have an appointment with my new RE Monday (so if I ovulate I can ask for a progesterone draw while I'm there, and supplements). I'm HOPING my new insurance card is here by then, because it's been two weeks and I STILL don't have it (*grumble-grumble*). I'll make sure to post about how that goes.

And this isn't related at all, but Tuesday I'm supposed to get a cavity or two filled. I am not looking forward to that, but I am at the same time. This tooth is bothering me- it could be worse, but it's slowly getting there.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Hmm.... sounds like a possible ovulation. Crossing my fingers. Day 14 with a progesterone draw on Monday because you just happen to be at the RE's seems like fantastic timing. I'm ready for you to catch a break since it seems like things have been complicated lately.

And enjoy your wedding planning weekend! I've been involved in a lot of them (one as a bride, the rest as a bridesmaid). It CAN get overwhelming... but it is a lot more fun when you are the spectator, not the center of attention. I think you'll enjoy it!

And happy Valentine's day to you and A! We never go out to eat or do gifts either. Same reason.... crowds make me want to scream!

AnotherDreamer said...

A draw might be too early if I don't Ov until Friday though, but at the very least I'm hoping we can schedule it. I should be able to go ahead and get supplements called in right now, even without confirmed ovulation, but I'm still waiting on that dang insurance card. I mean I could pay OOP, but I'd rather have coverage. I think it should be fine until Monday anyway at least.

Rebecca said...

What is a Cherokee Blanket Ceremony exactly?

We had a Native American blessing for our ceremony.

AnotherDreamer said...

Well we really had a hybrid ceremony that was based off the traditional ceremony. Since we're spiritualist and non-religious we wanted something that fit us. My grandmother was also part Cherokee/Sioux, and that's something we wanted to incorporate as well.

The ceremony consisted of a unity speech that I'd written (a good friend of ours got ordained to perform the ceremony), then my husband and I shed the individual blankets we had on (these represented our old lives and being single). Then our parents covered us in a special blanket that myself and my mother made, then my husband and I kissed under it, and as we were uncovered we were "reborn" one soul/life. At least that's the gist of it :)

Stinky said...

^sounds lovely. Your weekend sounds fun, interesting, it will be great to be part of all this with her. And yay for +OPK . . . sounds promising

Celia said...

It could be a tooth, but their sleep also gets jacked up around major milestones so walking or talking maybe. I get faked out by the O all the time. EWM....nothing EWC pain on the right or left...nothing etc etc HATE YOU PCOS. We eloped, I freaking hate those big LOOK AT MEEEEEE I AM SPECIALLLL days. eww. You know, if it works for you this month and you have a second you will be slogging it out with me. GIRL I won't play, it is hard. At least you are young so hopefully you will keep up better than I do.

Shelby said...

Love that your wedding was non-traditional! I still kick myself for following the crowd with mine when all I wanted to do was fly to Ireland and get married on a cliff somewhere with just a few family members (and it would've been cheaper). There's just something freeing and perfect about doing things your way rather than someone else's.

(my parents eloped too. Vegas, naturally :)

Best of luck with getting things up and running! I'll be rooting for you!