Monday, February 18, 2013

A new chapter-

We met with Dr. M today, and I thought it went really well. We've already met her many times in the past, but as another RE's patient- she performed a few of our IUIs and ultrasounds when Dr. J had been absent. But now she really knows us and our history, rather than a glimpse. Dr. J left her detailed notes and a thorough outline, as she'd referred us to Dr. M.

Dr. M seemed totally supportive, understanding, and willing to work with us. She herself just had her second baby with the help of Femara, she is Hypothyroid too, she also went through the horror of a very persistent SCH and bleeding- I know, right? What are the odds?! I even explained about my post-Ov conception in the past (in relation to this cycle), and she said she's had that happen for her before and it didn't end well- and we all know that neither did ours. Like I said, she seemed really understanding of everything. I explained that we are self-pay and that I don't want to do an injectable cycle until next year at the earliest, and she was totally on board with that.

I filled her in about this cycle and she even hooked me up with some progesterone samples (Crinone) for my TWW. I didn't ask or expect that, but it was really awesome of her. We have a game plan for next cycle, since I laid out my history with how things go back to anovulatory. We're going to jump right back to Clomid next month if this doesn't work out, and then go from there. I might go back to Femara and vary it up, but I wanted to play it by ear for now. She's does agree that the Testosterone might be a false low due to the BCP use, but since my DHEA-S is borderline she's going to go ahead and have me do Dexamethasone again anyway.

I think that's everything. All in all it went really well and I'm happy with our choice. She's only in our office on Mondays, but she said I can call her with questions anytime- so that's great.

All that's left is to see where this cycle takes me. My BBT is much higher now, and I'm starting the progesterone support tonight. I don't know how accurate my temperature is though because I did catch a cold. I don't have a fever so far, but I feel terrible. I can't jog right now because I can't breath when I get too hot or overexert myself... which I guess is just as well.

I was supposed to do my weigh in yesterday... umm, I'm still at 1-3lbs more than last month. Ugh. I'll do my actual weigh in tomorrow, but I probably won't post about it until later this week. I'm sure that it isn't going to be pretty! I know it's only a few pounds, and I'm trying to be cool with it, but after everything I've went through to lose the weight is feels like 30lbs, if that makes sense? I know, I'm whining a little- it's not that much weight gain in the grand scheme of things. I need to focus on eating healthier- that all there is to it. Of course now I'm sick again, and I'm in "gorge on comfort foods" mode so that isn't helping at all!


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Wow! It sounds like this RE might be great. I'm glad to hear that she listened to you, was understanding and empathetic. And what are the chances she has hypothyroid and history of SCH! Wow! Glad this appointment went well :)

ousoonerchick said...

Glad you like the new RE she sounds good.

Rebecca said...

Groans at the thought of a weigh-in. I gained two pounds over this four day weekend.

Hoping that this time around getting pregnant and staying pregnant are easier for you.

St Elsewhere said...

Dr. M sounds good. I remember how sad you were to see Dr. J go.

Knowing that she went through atleast one bit of what you did, would add to the empathy as well.

Good Luck!