Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weepy mess today-

I got a major run around today trying to get my Lovenox filled. I called yesterday to get it filled, let them know I would be out today... and today at 1 it still wasn't in.

So I was like, okay, well I need to call the nurse anyway because I think I may have a bladder infection. So first I call, and their phones are down. So I had to call a different number, then follow it's automated messaging service, and finally got the nurse's voice mail. So I left a message checking on my refill, again repeating that I needed it TODAY, and asked her to call me back.

Hours passed, and she didn't call me back. My prescription still hadn't been called in.

It was like 4pm, and I was like 'screw this crap!' I called back. Instead of leaving her a message, I opted to go through to the appointments desk where I was sure to talk to a real person... no question of the phones losing my message. I tell her I really need that prescription TODAY and that it wasn't in, she offers to go back and talk to the nurse. She talks to the nurse, who tells her that she did get my message and would call it in for me today. I asked the appointment lady to please also tell her I'd really like to know if I should schedule an appointment to come in because I really think I have a bladder infection. She said she would, so I was like okay, whew.

5pm rolls around, the nurse NEVER called me back. I called the pharmacy at 5:30, and they told me my prescription still hasn't been called in.

Are you for serious? By this point, I'm an hour away from when I need my injection and I am BAWLING my eyes out. I called the on call desk, explained the situation, and got the on call doctor to call it in for me. He said he'd look into the matter for me too.

So it was called in, and my husband goes to pick it up for me. And there's two prescriptions for it. We have no idea when which one was called in. So either the nurse called it in after 5:30pm, or the pharmacy lied to me about it not being called in yet. (*MAJOR HEAD DESK*) First of all, my OB had not gotten it called in by 4pm for sure- because I know she had not called in then, she said she would get to it at that point. So she did procrastinate a lot. But did she get it called in before 5:30 and then the pharmacy messed up after her mess up? No idea. And really, no matter who is at fault, it just made for an overall stressful day for me.

And I STILL don't know about coming in to get checked for a bladder infection :( I hurt, and I would really like to start antibiotics soon if that's the case... not at their earliest convenience. I mean, seriously, I was just wanting to see if I should schedule an appointment or if she could call it in. And she couldn't take a minute out of her day to tell me one way or another? Well, that seems like total crap to me. So no appointment, no medicine, no anything... great. And tomorrow is Friday, so what does that mean? A nice big weekend write off for me? Probably.

I also called my REs office today about a bill they sent me, and left the billing lady a message there. She never called me back either. I guess they didn't want my money that badly after all? I'm way less worked up about that situation, hahahaha.

Also, I've had the most awful heartburn all week. In summary of today... my eyes still burn from all the crying I did, and I think I might spew so I think I'm going to buy some Mylanta then call it a freaking night.

(As an aside, I'm not usually this much of a mess when I get frustrated. Usually I just get angry, hahaha. I think after all the bed rest and stress of everything I've been going through, has gotten to me... and the thought of not getting my Lovenox sent me over the edge. Yikes. It was just a very very long day.)


Stacy said...

Sounds like a horrible day! I hate it that drs office's feel like they never have to answer the phone or return calls. I would maybe just go to your regular doc and they could give u antibiotics.

Kristin said...

Talk about a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...major suckage going on.


Rebecca said...

Maybe we should dangle money in front of our medical professionals and see if they move their butts faster. Seriously the crap we patients have to put up with is ridiculous.

I can totally sympathize. I'm still waiting for an email from my RE's office with the chart I need. I actually went in there today to ask about it and what the exact directions were for the first round of meds because all the script said was, "take as directed". Its such bs the way they treat us. Gee that would be a good blog post tomorrow I think.

Sending you a hug via the net. Wish I could do more.

Stinky said...

Wow what a fuck-around.

Not trivialising this AT ALL, don't know if you are into astrology etc, but mercury is in retrograde atm (I think it is still) and that usually characterises communication fuck-ups and systems going down. Whether you believe that or not is up to you though.
Glad you got your Lovenox )just in time though!) and hope you get the bladderiness ironed out pronto

Celia said...

That is awful. I would go in today, eff them. Get that checked out. I am on the tail end of a uti and am super happy they caught it since I had no symptoms. Annnnd, I would ask to speak to the pharmacy manager, because I would want to know when they got that script.

You are not doing it for you, you are doing it for your baby. You need to know who the jackass is.

Kelly said...

UGH! I hate that! FWIW, I would have been the same way.

Jessi Wallace said...

Gosh I am so sorry! That is ridiculous. It shouldn't have been so complicated to get your med called in within a timely manner. Hopefully that won't happen again.

In other news, I am SO EXCITED for you. I follow on Google Reader and look forward to a new post every day to see how Nombie is doing. :) I really need to pay more attention to my own blog, ha... it has gotten a little behind...

Crystal said...

Sorry it was all so stressful. You could go anywhere and have them see if you have a bladder infection, though. You don't HAVE to talk to your OB. I know this because the OB I had when I was pregnant with my son wouldn't do anything un-related to the pregnancy. If I was having an asthma attack, I'd have to leave and go to a different doctor if I needed a treatment right then and there. UTI? Go see your PCP. Went through all that with him and he didn't even deliver my son. Some OB's will be nice and get you on anti-biotics, but around where I live, it's not common.

You're perfectly fine, what with the frustration and stress. I think your reaction was completely understandable. I think I would have verbally flayed some people. Did you get to keep both of your filled prescriptions?

Lissie said...

So sorry about the crappy day! I freakin HATE bladder infections. If I don't take cranberry supplements I get one everytime hubby and I have sex. Major body malfunction!

Hope you get it taken care of today!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, what a major fuck-up. I hate it that you had to go through that stress! Not good for you or Nombie! I'd definitely speak to the doctor about that nurse. She seriously dropped the ball.

Negative Nelly said...

I hate doctors and nurses and pharmacies and and...:( Can't wait till you're holding your baby in your arms and you don't have to DEAL with those offices anymore!