Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is it the weekend yet?

- I'm anxious for our appointment on Friday. Hopefully things will check out good.

- Also, Saturday will be 23wks... so close to 24wks, I can almost taste it.

- Of course, Sunday I have to go to that baby shower for SIL2... not at all looking forward to how uncomfortable and awkward that'll be.

- Apparently everyone at my work now knows that I'm pregnant. I filled in for someone the other day (officially back on the schedule on the 1st!) and she said she heard I was pregnant and about my bed rest. And if that co-worker knows, everyone knows. She's a sweet old lady, but she's the biggest gossip ever. She made awkward pregnancy talk with me... I get so uncomfortable when that happens.

- I hope that I don't have to endure any awkward pregnancy talk at the baby shower. Please please please please please...

- My little brother should be staying in the state now, he's going to switch from living with his mom to living with his dad. But his dad doesn't have a place here, he's been crashing at various family member's houses for the past year or two. So I agreed to let my little brother stay with us until his father finds a place. So we'll be having a high school sophomore staying with us for a bit, and all the joys that entails. Hahaha. I love my brother, he's awesome, but it's going to be interesting getting him off to school in the morning and all that.

- I should go make dinner.

- Here's a belly shot from today: 22 weeks 4 days


Shannon Ivy said...

Grow baby grow!!!

Almost 24 weeks! I'm so excited how far you come and hope you keep going!!!

You should look up topic changers for Sunday... lol. Or tell them that the babyshower isn't about you, its about her...

Rebecca said...

Yay! Not much longer now for the 24 weeks. I'm excited for you.

St Elsewhere said...

You look great! I hope that baby shower will be easier on your throat.

Sweetie, your belly is a neonsign saying there is a baby here - office people will guess it!

iamstacey said...

It's so exciting you're feeling kicks! What a joy! I hope the baby shower went smoothly and is all over with now. You're brave to take on a teenager with all you've got on your plate!

Janet's page said...

Freaking out a little bit here, it's been the weekend for a bit now and nothing!!! Heck the weekend is almost OVER!!