Monday, August 15, 2011

This and that-

- I talked to the nurse and apparently she left in on the voice mail for the pharmacy at 4:30, so it was a combination of her procrastinating and the pharmacy not checking on things. Which, well, just made my day super stressful since no one was on the ball. Ugh. I did get my meds, and that's what really matters at the end of the day. But I could really do without the stress.

- My OBs phones were still down on Friday, so we just went ahead and drove the hour up there to ask for a urine analysis. I could have tried my regular doctor, but they NEVER squeeze anyone in on a Friday, and our co-pay for urgent care is astronomical so we didn't want to do that either. Luckily the OB's office squeezed us in and it looks like I don't have a bladder infection or UTI... my OB thinks it's just the way my uterus sits on my bladder. Apparently this happens to some women... So how am I supposed to know if I have a bladder infection when it constantly feels like I have an infection? I had a similar issue early on in the pregnancy, and my RE said she thought it was my uterus sitting on my bladder/urethra then. So... I feel special.

- I think I've started feeling little taps this past week. Or maybe baby hiccups. I don't know, I don't feel them everyday or very often. And it's really faint, like barely noticeable sometimes. Sometimes it tickles and sometimes it makes my lower area hurt (he likes to jump on my cervix). When it tickles, I unintentionally giggle. My husband keeps asking if I can feel any of them on the outside, but I can barely even feel them on the inside right now... so I think it'll be awhile before that.

- We've moved our game systems and everything back downstairs now. It feels weird to spend my free time on the couch instead of laid up in my bed. The animals are all in heaven though, it was like a contest to lay all over me. I feel so loved sometimes. My house is starting to look liveable again, and I'm finally doing the spring cleaning. Just a little bit at a time, but some progress is better than none.

- Belly shots. Okay so the first one is from when I started doing them at 14wks, and the other one is from today at 21wks 2days. So a bit of a difference. My pants all still fit, although I bought a pair of maternity pants and discovered that they're way more comfortable (and make me look slightly more pregnant). Shirts all still fit fine too, but some are getting a bit more snug. I still don't look very pregnant, especially to strangers.

I still haven't gained a lot of weight yet either (which is great), maybe a few pounds in the last few weeks. My home scale said about 226lbs this morning. My home scale is usually about 2lbs or so below my OBs, so I might actually be above my pre-pregnancy weight now. I really think the Metformin is helping me stay on track. I'm super glad my OB let me stay on it. I will have to do the glucose tolerance test at 28wks, but until then we're good.

I've been eating A LOT this past week. I think we've hit a growth spurt or something. I mean, one day I'm not really hungry and then the next I'm freaking eating everything in sight. Speaking of which, I'm hungry again... so I'd better get off here!

Here's the belly shots: 14w vs 21wks


Celia said...

I had two dinners last night. Pork chops, corn, sauteed veggies, pineapple upside down cake and THEN an egg salad sandwich.

blueeyedtawni said...

you can more of a baby bump!
waves at nombie :)
any particular cravings yet???
Mine was watermelon lol
hugs to you all!

Kristin said...

The baby bump is definitely noticeable and you look lovely!

Rebecca said...

I see the difference too. Glad that you are now allowed full roam of the house.

Crystal said...

I see more of a bump! PCPs and Fridays, they're generally not a fun mix. I'm glad you went ahead and went in, but sorry that you're going to have to deal with the pain/discomfort of a uterus sitting right on a bladder.

If they give you the option of fruit punch or orange for the glucose test, just stick with the orange. Fruit punch tastes like Hawaiian Punch that went horribly wrong when they were making it.

Go Nombie!

Shannon Ivy said...

Aw! Look at that belly! Keep cooking that baby and give it the food he needs!

Mrs Bishop said...

I feel like my maternity jeans make me look more pregnant too...but MAN they are comfy, I may have to wear them after the baby too ;-) lol

Janet's page said...

Huge difference, big ol pregnant belly! I would totally know it (but wouldn't say anything) because of how high that belly is :)

Lissie said...

Thanks a ton for the advice on the Lovenox!!! Only little red spots instead of huge bruises!!! Thanks!