Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random things from this week-

- Here's a work-in-progress photograph of the blanket I gave SIL2. When I finished it I added some white trim. The blue color doesn't show up very well in the photo, but it is a really pretty color... it's also kind of shiny. Everyone thinks the basket weave looks really complicated, but it's actually the simplest pattern I've ever done. It's really nice and thick too.

- It's been an interesting day, we took my cat Ishi to the veterinarian's to get the snip. We were hoping it'll stop his spraying and help with his anxiety issues. I'm doubtful, but guess we'll see in time. Right now he's still pretty drugged up and wondering what the hell just happened. I have to keep reassuring him that the world is not in fact coming to an end.

- I didn't feel Nombie moving much this morning so I got the doppler out. It's so much easier finding him now that I know just where to look. I found it right away, and apparently woke him up because he started kicking the crap out of me. Love it! I also confirmed that all those whooshing noises I hear when I use it are in fact movement, because I can feel them now while I'm listening. So. freakin'. cool. I was pretty positive that they were, but thinking they are and actually feeling them is not the same experience. I just listened, felt, and marveled for a bit.

- I've started to get really exhausted at about 5pm. I think that'll work to my advantage once I go back to work since I'll be on the graveyard shift. I go back to work Thursday night, and I am so excited.

- We plan to look at baby stuff this weekend since we'll be 24wks on Saturday. I am scared, anxious, apprehensive, and mildly excited. We probably won't be buying much, if anything at all, but we wanted to at least start looking at stuff. We have to start somewhere, right? Baby steps...


Celia said...

Very exciting!

When and IF you are interested I will be happy to tell you some of the things we really liked for Peter.

Have you examined your cat's paws? Our cat Fiona had this really rare infection in her paws. They were very red and inflamed. Anyhow it led us to this awesome litter called Dr. Elsey's. It is much more costly than other litter, but it works really well for problem pee-ers. You can find it at Petsmart.

Melis.sa said...

The blanket it beautiful!!

Aw, I miss that sound on the doppler, when you hear them kick/punch it or move away..

Shannon Ivy said...

I'm working on a basketweave blanket myself! Except mine is yellow with a pink/yellow/orange/white top and bottom border...

Hope the rest of your week continues to go smoothly!

Rebecca said...

The blanket is beautiful. I've never tried that particular design. One of these days I'll have to do that particular one.

Finally week 24! How exciting. Now you can drool over the cute baby items.

Good luck on going back to work.

I'm very happy for you!

St Elsewhere said...

Wow AD, that day did come finally! The time you start looking at the stuff for the baby - your baby!

That blanket looks very beautiful. I hope your SIL appreciated it much.

I have read randomly that a cold glass of juice/water/sherbet can provoke a lazy baby to begin the samba. Have you tried it?

I love fetal dopplers too.