Wednesday, February 16, 2011


- Still waiting on the doctor appointment. No changes here. I did confuse FertilityFriend though. It gave me crosshairs awhile back, but I didn't ovulate so I took them away. Well now it says that it can't pinpoint ovulation to a 24 hour period of time, but it may have occured between cycle days 28 and 41.

Can I just say..... BWHAHAHAHA. As if. I am still 99.9% sure I have not ovulated, and even if I did I should have gotten a period by now. And the probability of a positive test is low due to timing, and I already had a negative test on cycle day 44. So... BWHAHAHA. In my like 3 years of charting on FertilityFriend I have never confused it before. Go me!

My temps are all over the place though, so I can't say I blame it for being confused. Everything's been screwy for me since my surgeries and switch to graveyard shift. Temping just doesn't work the best for me anymore... but I am not about to waste money on OPKs since I don't ovulate on my own, except maybe once in over five years. They would just be a HUGE waste of money for me. Especially since we aren't exactly trying anymore, so we don't need to time things... I just want to know if my period is coming. ever. That's all I'm asking for.

- Valentine's Day was good. I scored some video games and... a K.intect for our I made out like a bandit this year, I know. My husband tends to spoil me more than he used to, I think it's because we've been through so much and he knows I get depressed. It was really sweet though. I was wanting a Ki.nect so I could have some games to help keep me more active, because if you haven't noticed I am a total geek and am really into video games (they make me feel better). So on top of my exercises, I've started playing with that thing like an hour to half an hour a day. I burned 200 additional calories playing Da.nce Ce.ntral yesterday. Seriously. Hahahaha. I don't dance. ever. But it was fun.

And because we got that I had to rearrange our living room. Wooooo. That was a pain. Our living room looks totally different, and I am so not used to it. It literally appears to be 2x bigger. It's an old house (over 100 years) and I knew the living room was huge when we moved in, and the ceilings ridiculously high too... but damn. There is just so much space on the floor now; it's crazy what just a little rearranging will do. It works for now, it was just a spur of the moment rearranging... I'll probably have to continue contemplating what I want to do with it next. I'm really not used to having so much space though.

- Still staying strong with the diet and exercise :) I can do this. I logged in my measurements to Sparkpeople yesterday, down 1.5-2 pounds since I began this new regiment last week. I also lost like half an inch off my waist. Maybe. You know how those measurements can be in flux. I try to weigh/measure myself first thing in the morning so that it's the same time of day and I haven't eaten yet. This way I can ensure the best accuracy by decreasing variables between weighings. But even then, if I ate something the night before, or didn't, etc... it can change things slightly. Waiting more for a bigger picture than each week individually anyway.

Will update after I talk to the RE Thursday... getting anxious. I think I will write down what I want to discuss, that way I don't forget. It's usually a good idea anyway. So until then, cheers!


Mrs Bishop said...

I've been playing Zumba on my SIL's Kinect, omg talk about a workout!

Celia said...

Excellent! How do you like sparkpeople?

Another Dreamer said...

Celia, it works pretty well for me :) I used it a couple years ago and liked it, the site is pretty easy to navigate. It's a good way for me to track my calories, fitness, and progress. And I like that it gives me calorie guidelines for what I need to meet my goal weight by my deadline. I usually meal plan my entire day either the night before or in the morning, that way I can budget what I'm eating better without being hungry. It helps me make smarter food choices for myself, and watch portion size.

Anonymous said...

I really want a Kinect! I'm so jealous! What a fun way to stay active! :)