Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If you remember, I talked about possibly going to my local resolve support group meeting- well, weeks ago I emailed the contact listed on Resolve's website- but never heard back.

I guess it isn't for me after all.
Maybe they stopped having the meetings, or didn't update their information, or something.
Who knows.
I can't wait to be off these stupid birth control pills. They used to be a godsend for me, because they helped so much with my PCOS symptoms. But, I think they are the cause of my recent headache issues. See, I normally get one migraine a week (if I'm really lucky, I get three or four) and then I get headaches on the off days, normally mild. I've learned to live with it. As a child they did all sorts of testing, tried surgery on my sinuses because of a birth defect I had, but the headaches just came back. I'm used to those. Over the years, you just sorta learn to cope with chronic pain. You have no other choice. So I did.

But, I've been having pseudo-migraines since I started the birth control, every day. It's annoying. They aren't quite migraines, but they aren't quite as mild as headaches either- they're nasty bullies.

The other issue the birth control gave me, was lots of spotting a week ago. I took birth control off and on for years and never had spotting on it. I called the clinic, no help there. They said it could be my body adjusting, or perhaps the cysts- so I was told to keep taking it. So, a week after my period ended, I got doubly blessed with a second pseudo-period.
Yay me.

I am just so ready to be done with this. I mean, I normally love being on birth control pills- but this is grating my last nerve. While I know that is could possibly be the brand in specific, as I had no other issues with my previous brands- there really isn't a point in switching it when I was only going to take it for a month- and I have less than a week left now. But, I can certainly bitch and complain.
I know I touched on this last post, but my insurance picked up a significant part of our bill last cycle- and I am still super stoked. So many reasons. One, I'm not paying as much money for failure- yay! Two, we can put that money into savings towards other means of family building- that was the biggest relief of all.

So, we'll see what are able to do this month. After that, we may try another round of Clomid with maybe two if I manage to ovulate on the first. And then we plan to quit trying to concieve on our own- and instead we'll call the clinic we found out of state in regards to their embryo adoption program. If that goes well, we can get on their waiting list (which they claim the wait time is anywhere from 6 months to a year).

Of course, I can talk about our plans all day long- it doesn't mean they'll happen.
But, it's good to have a clear idea of where we're going, at least for now.


Sweet Georgia said...

Sorry the resolve group didn't contact you. That sucks. And, sorry about the BCPs giving you pseudo-migraines. It probably is that specific brand.

I'm glad that the insurance co. picked up a chunk of your bill. That's definitely a blessing.

Flying Monkeys said...

They want to put me on BCPs for my PCOS but I'm not comfortable with that. I need to make some dietary changes and see if that helps. That sucks about the headaches. Are you on a generic? I've read they can cause more issues even though we're told they're the same.

I don't even know if we have resolve near, I'm have to check.

WiseGuy said...

Has the insurance company outsourced its processes to Heaven? Glad that they chipped in...and Boo, BCP!

Resolve? Unresolved.

Another Dreamer said...

Flying Monkies:"I'd never heard of that. They are generic, maybe that has something to do with it.

As for the question on the previous post... All of my repeat loss testing came back normal, except my PAI-1 gene, I have one mutated and one normal gene... which may, or may not, cause me to be more likely to clot. So, no real answers. There is always the possibility of it being my wonky hormones though, my testosterone is high, my DHEA-S is high... I'm a bit insulin resistant too, and I was on a very low dose of Metformin for it last pregnancy, because it was before my glucose test was done, and we didn't know.

Kristin said...

It sounds like you have a great plan of action. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you never heard back from the Resolve support group.

Oh my gosh, your headache issues sound awful! I used to get one or two migraines a week and would take Imitrex for them. Of course I can't take that now, and I was worried about having debilitating heachaches during pregnancy, but so far I've only had a handful of bad ones. Is there anything that helps you?

I've also heard stuff about generic birth control pills having more side effects.

Yay for insurance picking up more of you last cycle than you expected! That is always a nice surprise.

It sounds like you guys have a good plan for the next few months. I am hoping and wishing that the next cycle works. Are you currently on metformin now?