Monday, October 26, 2009

Here we go... again

Thanks for all the supportive comments, I really appreciate it.

First of all, the cycle is a go. She said my ovaries look much better, there are still itty-bitty cysts, but that's to be expected... it's called PCOS for a reason I suppose. I guess we're doing one last final (for reals) injectable cycle. I still have a little bit of meds left, and will likely have to supplement with some out-of-pocket but we decided on one last try by these means...

So my cocktail this cycle will be:
- Metformin, which was increased to 1500 mg a day
- Dexamethasone 2mg from CD3-Ovulation
- 81mg Aspirin
- FSH 225iu CD3-6, then a follicle check on CD7

Yes, CD7... which just so happens to be Halloween.
Hmmm... I wonder if it'll be a trick, or a treat.

And about the last two posts (*In response to Birdsandsquirrels' and Penny's comments*)

The headaches/migraines I've had since I was a child are just treated over the counter. I used to take Ib.upr.fen (which didn't help much at all) but had to stop when my doctor became concerned over my long term use. I was taking the maximum dosage OTC a day, every day, at the time. I now either ignore them as best I can, or rotate between using Ib.upro.fen, Acet.amino.phen, and Nap.roxen S.odium- on medicated cycles I try to just stick with Ac.eta.minophen. I was prescribed Im.itrex once, but ended up spending all day in the E.R. because of it (I'm allergic, apparently.)

Most of the time they go away after I go to sleep, so that seems to work-but not always. Sometimes I wake up and I still have the migraine- those days suck. My pain threshold is pretty high for them though, so I usually just grit my teeth and deal with it. If you ever meet me and I'm squinting alot and seem really agitated- now you'll know why.

... And what did I buy... hmmm, books. I always seem to be buying books... I need another bookshelf already. And I also bought dark chocolate with mint candy... yummm. See, perfect planning on this combination- curl up with the books and chow down on some candied goodness!

Retail therapy is useful in a myraid of situations. Like today- I consoled myself about having to do the injections again; I went and bought new paints and paper, because I was running low on acr.ylics. Yes, retail therapy- not good on the wallet, but so good for the heart.

I suppose I ought to give my poor belly a pep-talk. It's not going to like me tomorrow. (*sigh*)


Jessi Wallace said...

My Dr gave me Fioricet for my migraines and it works great. She approved them for pregnancy, but some Dr's say no... I try to stick to Tylenol as much as I can, but it doesn't work AT ALL... so Fioricet is my cure all. I've been on it a few years now.

Michelle said...

I love buying books! going to the bookstore for me is like a kid in a candy store...I could be there for hours.

I am hoping and praying that this cycle is your cycle! hopefully this Halloween will be a treat!


Celia said...

I am thinking of you and cheering you on! Your poor body has had a lot of abuse and some acrylics are just what you need.

MrsSpock said...

Acupuncture is supposed to help with migraines- but it is pricey. A friend of mine has severe migraines multiple times a week, and they have dropped off significantly since starting acupuncture.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the cysts are gone and that this cycle is a go. Your cocktail this month sounds like a good plan.

I'm so sorry about the headaches. For me, tylenol or ibuprofen doesn't help at all. I lived on excedrin for years before trying Imitrex. How scary about your allergic reaction to Imitrex though! My doctor put me on a migraine preventive once for a couple of months, but it made me really tired and also wasn't safe for ttc, so I abandoned it.

I did try acupuncture for about 6 months for the migraines, and it helped a great deal, but it was expensive. I worked an extra part time job to be able to go twice a week, and at a certain point, I realized that I just couldn't afford it, in both a time and energy standpoint. If I could though, I'd still be doing acupuncture.

Sleep, dark, and cold packs are my dear friends for headaches these days. I also found this stuff called Wellpatch Migraine cooling pads. It's a fabric strip with this gel stuff that is cooling, and you stick it on your forehead or the back of your neck. It smells kind of like lavendar. Sometimes it helps when nothing else does. I've only ever found them at Rite Aid in the section where they have those heat packs.

Retail therapy is wonderful. Enjoy the new books and the art supplies!

Penny said...

As always, I wish you good luck this cycle and may this one be your last for a good reason.

luna said...

just wanted to wish you best of luck with this cycle! though we know luck has nothing to do with it. still, wishing you well.