Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not a cold

So, it isn't a cold. Go figure.

No instead I have bilateral ear infections (meaning yes, in both ears) and maybe a little bit of a sinus infection. Which translates to...

Lots of drugs for me.

I should be better in a week.

Yay me.

Speaking of in a week, my consultation is slowly creeping up on me. A week and a half away.

But before that, I have a final exam coming up. On Tuesday, in Statistics (Ewwww.) Maybe I should focus on that first?

Naw. It should be easy. As much as I hate math, and don't get it usually; I will admit I like formulas. You just plug in the numbers, and get the results. The answer isn't shifty like in literature. See, in math you just give the answer: 1+2=3, or 3!=6. But in literature, when someone asks you what Octav.ia Bu.tler was trying to say in her novel "The Pa.rable of the", well, the answers aren't so easy. Literature is too subjective sometimes. What I think she was saying, can be completely different than what someone else is thinking; and neither of us would be necessarily wrong.

We could compare math to literature, by comparing normal people to members of the ALI community, ha. In one scenario, man plus woman plus unprotected sex equals baby; always; no matter what. There's no thinking needed, because you just plug in the variables and you get the answer. But in our community, the answer varies, it's subjective. Everyone may have the same variables, or the same text, but we all get different results.

Okay, so I'm all drugged up still and I am going to shut it before this just gets more ridiculous. Smile, smile.


Cara said...

Oh hon - feel better soon, or at least enjoy the drugs!!

Flying Monkeys said...

Yikes! I hope it clears up quickly. I prefer literature only because I don't always care what the author intended the meaning to be, I can always give it my own meaning.

AnotherDreamer said...

Flying Monkeys, this is true. I much prefer literature most times, but I am an English major ;) So it's to be expected.

As I often tell people, "I'm an English major; you do the math!"

Penny said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the ear infections and other stuff.

Hope you get better asap.

Good luck on the test.

Celia said...

Feel better soon.

Michelle said...

That is a good comparison and so true.

I hope you feel better. ear infections are the worst!

Kristin said...

I like math but I hated statistics with a passion. I hated it so badly that I almost never went to class and almost failed it.

I saw a t-shirt with "I'm an English major; you do the math!" on it just the other day.

Bilateral ear infections SUCK. BTDT and I can totally sympathize with the amount of pain they cause.

I am so excited to see my Ink Tour button on your blog.

Anonymous said...

omg, I hope you feel better soon! A double ear infection just sounds terrible!

It's smart to consider all the options and all the costs! You're smart to be so thorough in considering all your options.

Lost in Space said...

Thanks so much for the supportive comment you left on my blog.

I was reading back on yours a bit and am so sorry for your losses and all you have been through. Wishing you all the best with your embryo adoption!

Oh, and hope you are feeling better soon...

Anonymous said...

Ugh, ear infections are the WORST. And in both ears? I hope the meds start working quickly and that you start feeling better soon.

Good luck with your final exam.

Flying Monkeys said...

Well, my grammar 9and all things related0 is terrible. I make it up as I go, try not to hold it against me. LOL! ;)

Flying Monkeys said...

I swear I put parentheses in, that just proves my point.