Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day one of phone calls...

First of all, thank you everyone for you overwhelming support. I always appreciate it, it means so much to me.

As for day one of phone calls and more in depth internet searches...
Of which, this website has helped a great deal with understanding Embryo Donation/Adoption, and finding clinics to call about it, http://www.miracleswaiting.org/

The clinic I am switching too does not have an in-house Embryo Donation/Adoption program. But, they will do a F.E.T. with donor embryos if you have embryos donated and sent to their clinic. Their estimated cost for a F.E.T. and medications, is about $2,300 without insurance coverage. This does not include blood work, ultrasounds, legal fees, and of course the transfer of the embryos from the donors clinic to my own clinic.

My old clinic may have some type of program maybe, but it goes through their lab. I called them today, and we're playing phone tag right now. So, maybe I'll know more tomorrow.

But, going by an estimated cost of everything from what I've seen online, if I go with the new clinic and find a donor on my own, it could cost anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000... which isn't so bad considering my last cycle of injects would have been around $4,500 actually, if I had paid for my medication that is (Thank goodness I had donated medication, right?)

I found a clinic out of state that does Embryo Donation for $4,500 with a payment schedule in place (so it doesn't cost all that up front) Of course, it's a 6 hour drive away.

There is one in New Jersey that has an extensive program, but I don't know the cost, and it's also an 8 hour drive. They have your regular doctor handle everything except the initial consultation and the transfer.

That is of course me still assuming I am able to go through with this. I still don't know that part, which by all means is the most important part right now.

The research continues.


Bluebird said...

You got a lot of work done in just one day :) All very interesting information, and sounds like it could be a good idea financially, if you're able to go that route! (Not to suggest that it's cheap, but when you compare it to other alternatives. . .)

I'm very proud of you for doing all this leg work. I hope it's bringing you some sense of calm, for now at least.


Kristin said...

It sounds like you are getting some good information. Now, it's a matter of deciding what to do. Good luck.

Mrs Emilee said...

Came across your blog, and I'm enjoying reading it. I hope this journey ends soon, and everything works out for you. So sorry to see your struggles.

I have an infertility blog too, if you're interested. :)

WiseGuy said...

Good Luck!