Friday, October 24, 2008

Where'd they go?


He took a look, "Looks like the lining got thicker. That's a good sign!"

He maneuvers it to the right... "Nothing over here."

He maneuvers it to the left... "Nothing over here either."

A silent unspoken, "Damn." echoes in my mind.

I was given two options.
He surprised me.

Originally he told me he only went as high as 150mg with Clomid, but he said we could try 200mg.

The second option. Injectables. Which means I'd have to take a break, save money.

I jumped on the chance to up the Clomid once more. I don't want to take a break just yet. After this though... we'll call it quits for a few months. Save money. Start again.

I'm so... blah... right now.

I was so hopeful.

I think the only reason I responded before was because of the Metformin.
I honestly do.

Stupid liver.
Stupid ovaries.
stupid me.

(the photo is from a class I took, I had to document something. I chose hands. This is my little brothers hand, with a wooden sword I had given him for x-mas... which he broke.)


Jodi said...

your not stupid love. I am sorry your body is revolting against you. I sure hope that the 200 in clomid works for ya.

Is there a chance that he will do 2 months in a row of the 200 clomid? I have heard of that working.

Shelby said...

I'm sorry about your striking ovaries. That really sucks. It's funny how some REs draw the line on 200. I did 200 with my 2nd RE and it worked, and while the 3rd was willing, they were not entirely excited about it. I've seen nothing in research thats says 150 is sahe whereas 200 isn't, so it's worth a try and sooooooo much cheaper than injectables!

Tara said...

UGH. This sucks. I am sorry. Glad you can try Clomid again.

Hugs sweetheart.

G said...

Ugh that blows!!! No word back on the metformin? I think that could make a big difference. Come on liver, get with the program! I would offer to share mine, but I have abused it far too much with booze.

Hang in there hun. Glad your lining is good though.

Penny said...

You can't take met? Damn!

Sorry the ovaries aren't responding. At least the uterus is doing its job, though.

Wish I'd known you were looking for meds, I would have gladly shipped you an entire gonal-f pen I never used.