Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aggression can be good

I aggressively called the insurance company back.

I told them I was going to get a clear answer this time, because A- called yesterday and they didn't give him one about the HSG. This time they said that they would definitely cover it, I'll have a co-pay, but they'll cover some of it.

And they'll cover my antiphospholipid b/w.

I had it out with the girl about my liver function test too, because they didn't cover it for some reason. Turns out it has to be pre-approved, my doc has to send them a letter and then the insurance company has to review it before they'll approve to pay for it. Ungh. I wish I would have thought about calling them before I got the test done! I'm still so new to the world of having health insurance.

Frustrating. I'm still going to wait for next month for the monitoring, money is still going to be tight this month. But hopefully next month we will be good to go with the Clomid.


Shelby said...

I see red when I think of insurance companies. I'm in a similar situation and just got the 'surprise' that almost $1500 of what we paid out of pocket will not go towards my deductible. I guess I didn't do my homework because I naively believed that they wouldn't participate in such thievery. I hope you get the green light to get everything done and get that c.lomid started. I feel your pain-I hate waiting for all of this to begin! Good luck!

Penny said...

I'm glad you got some answers out of insurance. It sucks that infertility is such a "fringe" health issue for many.

I hope you enjoy your month as much as possible without the "clomood".