Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show and Tell

I know, I know. I just posted something like three hours ago. But I felt like participating in show and tell, so you get a double post tonight! Although technically it's the next day now, because it's after midnight... but let's not argue semantics, shall we? On with the showing and the telling! Want to know more? Check this out.

Okay, so keeping with the theme of the Holidays, from the previous post... I wanted to share the ornament I bought this season.


It says, "Every life leaves something beautiful behind."

Here's the official hallmark picture of it, since mine is a tad blurry. (My camera and I were having issues.)


Someone in one of my groups bought it for her loss this year, and I really clicked with it. I felt compelled to it, it was perfect for my Sebastian. So, I went out and got one.

Now, I thought it was really befitting for obvious reasons. But now I'll go into further reasons. In my family some of our ornaments are special. My mother bought one for each of her living children, little angels sleeping on a crescent moon, we each have our own, with our names on them. When my sister's baby was stillborn my mother bought a gold ornament and got Amariah's name inscribed on it, and the year she was lost. Last Christmas my grandmother made me go to her tree and pick an ornament, something to remember her by. I did, begrudgingly. I always hate it when grandparents tell you to take things with you to remember them by, while they're still alive. Well, my grandmother died a few months later. I have an ornament her parents brought to America from Germany.

Every year I loved opening the X-mas boxes, and carefully unwrapping each ornament, and remembering each moment. Carefully placing them on the tree for safety from the cats, and for proper viewing.

Ornaments are really our only solid family tradition.

And I plan on keeping it. So, this ornament falls into the folds. It's perfect for remembering Sebastian. I was planning on buying him one, and there it was. The one, the perfect one. There are so many ornaments to commemorate a new life, and so few to commemorate a loss.

And even though I am not decorating this year, I am going to put this ornament up.

Okay, and now something not so serious.


How many cats can fit on my lap? One, so the runoff settles for curling up next to my legs. Cute, huh? Yes, there are 4 here; Ishida, Gary, Pumpkin, and Devo. Silly kitties.
I feel very loved. And just so you know, a pile of cats gets warm fast. Very fast.


'Murgdan' said...

That ornament is precious. I can see why you were drawn to it!

Sam said...

what a lovely ornament and what a cosy looking pile of cats!!! It gets hot enough when I just have Phoebe on my lap, four Phoebes would be too much I think!!

And yes, that last photo on my Show and Tell today is rather giggle inducing - I think that it is the moustache!! But you can also tell that he is a good soldier!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I love the words on the ornament!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I love the ornament. So delicate yet powerful.

Not so crazy about the cats. Atchooo!

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous ornament!

I love the kitties.

Michelle said...

That ornament is perfect and gorgeous! Don't you just love cats...mine is the same way.

battynurse said...

The ornament is beautiful. I too love ornaments with meaning to them.
Love the cat pic too. They all look so comfy.

JuliaS said...

Oh how beautiful! The sentiment is rich with perfect meaning.

Love the cats - what a fun snuggle!

Thank you for sharing.

Shelby said...

The ornament is lovely and oh my gosh-kitty heaven! So jealous. :)

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Wonderful ornament, and fantastic kitty love!

Michael, Karen and Morgan said...

So beautiful!

Love the kitties, too!

KandiB said...

I've never seen an ornament like that - it's a good message, for sure...and pretty to look at.

Dontcha just love fur babies? They Make much better blankets than the actual real thing.

Sunny said...

What a beautiful show and tell. It makes me think of the special ornaments in my own family.