Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17 Weigh In-

Current weight is 193lbs. Total weight lost this month: 4.2lbs. I also lost an inch off both my hips and my waist.

I really could have done better. I ate horrible this month, many days I went over my calories. Heck, I even gained back a pound one week so I had to go ahead and re-lose that! I know I only have myself to blame, but I also know that some progress is better than no progress. There's no use beating myself over it, all I can do is reclaim my motivation and get back on the proverbial horse.

I had a few setbacks related to sweets. The festival came to town and I got my once a year funnel cakes- if it helps, the walk to the festival and back to my house is around 2 miles. So I worked for that funnel cake. I almost burned as many calories getting there and back as were in the actual funnel cake. Which really isn't bad. But then my husband's birthday came up, and now I'm eating cake for breakfast until that's all gone. I refuse to waste good food. Especially something I worked hours and hours on. Besides, I only have cake less than a handful of times a year. You have to live a little, right?

Without all so many distractions, I'm confident that next month will go so much better.

I can't really tell a difference between last month's photo and this months, probably since I didn't lose much, but that's okay. Hopefully next month will show a bigger difference!

Since March 17, 2012: 
Weight lost: 34
Inches off hips: 8
Inches off waist: 7.5

This month puts my total weight lost at around 57lbs, and inches off my waist at around 12-13. Which is really amazing, but I have so much further to go yet!


Rebecca said...

You look wonderful. I need to start losing more weight. I keep see-sawing.

Janet's page said...

You look awesome! Huge difference! said...

You are doing such a great job! You still lost this month though and your overall loss is still kick ass! Enjoy that cake :) If i worked hours on it I'd want to enjoy it too!

Stinky said...

Looking good, hon. You're doing so well, and you're right, sometimes, breakfastcake is only right

loribeth said...

You're doing great!! You can really see the difference in those photos. : )