Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another flop-

We decided to try a higher estrogen birth control pill to see if maybe that would prevent the early periods and break through bleeding. I started the new pills 1.5 wks ago... and I'm bleeding again. 1.5wks early. I got to go a whole week without bleeding.

Yay me.

I am beyond frustrated at this point. I really want need to stay on birth control until we're ready to try again. I need to have have a method of prevention I feel comfortable with. I need to prevent cysts and control my PCOS. I want to know when/if I'm going to get a bleed. I want how BCPs are supposed to work, how they used to work for me when I was younger, and not... whatever this is.

I'm stuck with this brand for 3 months, unless I chose to go off it completely. My ob/gyn has been making me stick it out for 3 months since it can take time for someone to adjust to the pill. I really don't think I'm going to adjust, with how things have been going... I guess we'll see. I'll probably give it at least another month.


eta: I forgot to add... I've considered calling my RE about it, but it's cheaper to go through my ob/gyn right now. I don't want to pay the big bucks for my RE when I'm just trying to manage my PCOS and prevent pregnancy. So, I'm just going to stick it out for now. I'll probably be seeing my RE in January/February anyway.


Mrs Bishop said...

ugh, that's the worst. When I started my new birth control I bled the whole first month. Hope it all gets straightened out!

KC said...

Yuck, that sucks!

Rebecca said...

Hoping that your body decides to play fair and adjust to the new pills soon.

jessiwallace said...

UGH I am so sorry. I went through the same thing and we finally just gave up and switched to condoms. My PCOS raged at first, but then it surprisingly calmed down a LOT. Weight loss REALLY helped me. You're doing so wonderful with your weight loss, I guarantee it'll help your PCOS stay in check. If I were you, I'd drop the BC pills and see what happens. Give your body some time to figure itself out. Maybe you'll be as surprised as I have been! :) Good luck!

AnotherDreamer said...

Jessi, I did the last two months. I ovulated alright the first month, then the second things got wonkier and longer. Whenever I go off BCP I enter that pattern. I usually ovulate alright the first cycle, then get worse and worse as my hormones get more out of balance.

For me weight really hasn't ever made a huge difference for my PCOS. When I was this weight before I still wasn't ovulating or getting periods... even when I was my ideal BMI I went months without a period.

PCOS really sucks.

Stacy said...

Hey there! Ughhh, I'm sorry about the bleeding, that stinks. I have stayed on Metformin even postpartum, my little guy is 3 months. I also would like to control my PCOS but are not trying to prevent pregnancy. I can get Metformin, 1500 mg for 9 bucks a month at Wal-Mart. Hope things get better!

AnotherDreamer said...

Yup, I've been on Metformin for years now. I stayed on it my entire pregnancy, post-partum, and I still take 2,000mg a day. It helps a ton with my symptoms, but not with my cycles unfortunately.