Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another day, another brand-

I ovulated again this last cycle; on cycle day 21. As such I just started a new cycle, and a new brand of birth control pills. I'm really hoping that this brand works better, without 2-3 week bleeds. This brand has a bit higher estrogen, so we'll see.

I'm wasn't counting on ovulating, since my body doesn't really like to do that. It's been almost three months since I stopped the pill, and I could definitely tell that my body was getting more dysfunctional. The first cycle I ovulated earlier (cycle day 16), I had all the signs leading up to it (cervical mucous and ovulation pains), my basal body temperature was nice and high, and stayed sustained quite well. This time, not so much. It took awhile, I didn't have any signs, and while my temperature went up it was shady and didn't stay as raised as it usually would.

I've also felt like crap. I'm sure it's not all the hormones fault though, as my diet has taken a hit and I've been dealing with dizziness among other issues. Regardless, I am very glad to be back on the pill... one less thing to worry about. I fully intend to stay on it until we're ready to try again this time. Whenever that is.

2 comments: said...

I hope you feel better and that this next brand doesn't have any extra bleeding. I hate BCP :)

Rebecca said...

Hoping you feel better soon.