Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frustrating, but hilarious-

As we continue with our struggle to breast feed, V- has decided to be picky about when he'll take it. The middle of the night? Usually no issues just giving him the breast. During the day? He prefers I pump and give him a bottle. Now that I'm healing a bit, so it hurts less to nurse, I'm trying to give him the breast all the time. He is so not having it. I do not understand how he can take it with so little fuss at times, but at other times throw a giant fit. I mean, hysterics, flailing his arms, wailing, grabbing at me when I try to get it near him, blocking it from going in his mouth, smacking it away, full blown tantrum. He gets hungry and frustrated, I get that. But he knows that there's food in there... I'm guessing he's just too lazy to want it from there when he's like that, since he knows he can get it from the bottle so much easier. Just a guess, since I'm obviously new to this.

Well, tonight he did not want the breast. Again. But I tried diligently to get him to take it... apparently I really needed to empty them because I accidentally started squirting milk everywhere when I tried to aim it at his mouth. So milk was flying through the air an inch from his face, a couple of times it flew straight into his mouth... the tantrum continued. I proceeded to leek milk all over the bed, and on the other side I leaked through my breast pad and all down the entire front of my nursing tank. Awesome. That's all I've got to say. There was milk everywhere, all over both of us. And he still didn't want to take the breast, even though he was showing all the signs of being hungry, it was time to feed again, and he was rooting like crazy. He eventually took it... but man, what a mess!!!

Meanwhile I had a slight fever, so we were combating that. I was not feeling good, and was trying to keep an eye on things because due to the c-section if I have a fever of 101 or higher I need to see a doctor, but my temperature stayed at 100.5 and it's normal now... so I don't know what was going on, but I was NOT feeling well. I'm going to keep taking my temperature, but hopefully it was just a fluke thing?

Baby boy has his first appointment on Thursday, I'm anxious for that. I worry about him eating enough, since we're struggling with breast feeding and pumping. Speaking of which, I should probably get off here to pump again. V-'s fussing in his bassinet, he was fighting sleep but now he's got the hiccups... poor little guy. He's never going to go to sleep at this rate. And neither will I, now that I think of it :/

Still... I wouldn't trade this for the world.


Celia said...

It could be the beginnings of a milk duct problem as well.

blueeyedtawni said...

one of my sons used to do that with me. I found a good position to put him in lay him down straight and you lay down and just have the head up at the breast and the body to snuggle.

i used breast and bottle to be honest.He was always hungry and it helped it both out so i could get sleep. I didnt feel guilty about it because we both got sleep and he was able to eat his fill.
hugs to you all

Anonymous said...

HAHA, milk squirting everywhere is not fun! But it is pretty funny. ;) He'll catch on to the whole BFing thing before you know it. As for the fever, I had the same thing after the c-section, and I think it's just your body's reaction to the surgery, as it's pretty major. You should be fine soon! So excited to keep following your new mommy journey!

Shannon Ivy said...


Not more to say. I don't know anything about breastfeeding. Just glad V is there!

Groves said...

One thing, among many, that violently surprised me after giving birth: no one mentioned how wet it was all going to be. Blood, milk, c-section run-off, random who-knows-what...I remember saying there seemed to be a pad on every inch of my body, but I was still soaked. With something. Everywhere.

Yes, totally all worth it - and still, I wonder why no one warned me before, so I could be prepared? But I didn't mention it to you, either...I guess these things don't fit very neatly into words, until the experience hits.

I am just so glad V is there, as I know you are, with all your heart. He is the sweetest little guy.

Cathy in Missouri

Rebecca said...

I can only imagine what you are going through. Milk flying every where adding to your laundry load is so not fun especially when you aren't feeling well from the surgery to boot.

katie said...

The night feed is the easiest because you are so relaxed and have plenty of milk. I thought that I had plenty of milk during the day but my daughter got extremely frustrated after latching on and would get hysterical fighting with my breast. I spent three months walking and moving around with her feeding because she liked to be on the move. I was exhausted and constantly worried. with my second I supplemented with formula and really enjoyed every second with my baby.All my children are very healthy so don't worry about giving a bottle. Enjoy your long awaited baby.He is picking up on your stress.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear about the milk flying everywhere! I rarely had anything other than dribbling out. My letdown was not overactive that's for sure! Perhaps that is what is going on with you. Maybe you could try pumping a little right before feeding him to release some of the milk and slow the flow of milk so he isn't choking on too much milk at once. Again, I never had that problem, but perhaps that would help a little!

I also used to keep a thin cloth diaper (a single layer one, not the nice thick prefold ones) and tuck it under my breast and on top of the breastfeeding pillow, so it would catch any milk that spilled during latching and keep the pillow cover from getting crusty milky and needing washing every day. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the My Brest Friend pillow. It worked so much better for me than the Boppy. It connects all the way around your tummy and feels much more secure. I even bought a blow up one for travel. Worth every penny!
Oh, and I found that side lying nursing was so much easier on both me and her once I was about a week out from the c-section. I thought at first that she needed to be older to nurse in that position, but it was nice and relaxing and worked well for us early on.

Good luck!