Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday rambling-

So today's my birthday, and baby boy turned one month on the 27th. It's been a crazy year. It was really trying at times, but it ended on such a happy note.

It's strange how insignificant my birthday is this year. Past years, I tried to blot out the pain of infertility and loss by packing it full of plans. I made sure to fill it with people and places that would make me smile, because I knew that by the end of the night I'd probably cry. This year, I've known it was coming up but there are no plans. I'm content with letting my birthday pass unacknowledged.

Past years, it was very difficult. I spent four birthdays with infertility. Three years ago on my birthday I ovulated, which resulted in a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. I've thought of that baby on my birthday every year since then. That was the farthest I'd made it before V. That one was the most traumatizing.

This year, I definitely count my good fortune. V is here, alive and well, and he gave me the most beautiful smiles this morning. I think the most I could ask for today is some more sleep, especially since he's been cluster feeding all weekend. But on the list of things to want, that's pretty awesome from where I'm sitting.


Egg said...

Happy birthday! What a great gift. He is adorbs!

Shannon Ivy said...

He looks so handsome!

And happy birthday!

Glad all is well!

blueeyedtawni said...

he is soo gorgeous.. those eyes . he looks so wise in them.
birthdays are ment to reflect to enjoy but then birthdays can be for remembrance. lots of hugs to you all!

Lissie said...

Happy birthday!! What more could anyone ask for!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful lady! I'm so glad I got to see you reach the happily ever after stage.

Stinky said...

Happy Birthday, hon. What an awesome present!

Dora said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A smile from that gorgeous boy is the best present! It's so good to read this. :-)

Mrs Bishop said...

Glad you had such a wonderful uneventful birthday! :-) BTW your little guy is getting cuter and cuter!!!

Groves said...

Darling little sweetest pumpkin pie boy!

He is C*U*T*E.

And Happy Birthday to his Never-Quitting-Mom, too!

WIth love,

Cathy in Missouri

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you celebrate with your hubby and your little guy!