Friday, January 20, 2012


I don't have much downtime right now- we're still trying to orchestrate some sort of a balance. We're getting there though.

Next week is going to be super busy: I have my post-op appointment with the OB, we're going to visit my RE (Dr. J) so she can meet V, and V has his one month appointment. Yeah, I can not believe it's already been almost a month now since we had him.

I am very excited about visiting Dr. J, and her nurse L. L called me after they got the birth announcement in the mail and wanted us to stop in; she was so sweet. We owe Dr. J so much. I mean, most doctors just do their thing and it's really just business, but she really went above and beyond for us. There aren't words enough to express how grateful we are for her.

As for my OB appointment... I am really hoping things are finally healing well. I finished my antibiotics, and I think my Cellulitus has cleared up (but maybe not all of it, some skin near the incision seems iffy to me). I haven't had a fever for awhile though, and my Mastitis is cleared up. As of yesterday I'm no longer oozing yellow liquid from my incision, so I suppose that's good. Swelling has went down too, so that's great. The clothes that fit me directly after the c-section hardly fit anymore because of the swelling from the Cellulitus... it was pretty bad. My incision is pretty uncomfortable, I'm still really sore, and I still can't get around very well. Which, as everyone keeps reminding me, is to be expected since I did have major abdominal surgery. But, I'm healing. It's a process.


Chrissie said...

oh my goodness, he's perfect!

Jamie said...

Your little one is just beautiful... I'm so happy for you!

It was you who referred me to Dr. J through a forum that you and I are both on. She is wonderful and so is her nurse "L". My first round of Femara resulted in a pregnancy, but unfortunately I miscarried at 5.5 weeks. When "L" called to tell me that my betas had dropped, she was nearly in tears. They really do care about their patients. So thank you for referring me to such a great place!

Take care of yourself and that little miracle of yours!!

Kristin said...

OMG, he is simply beautiful!

Glad you are finally healing.

kim2649 said...

He is just adorable! I'm so happy you had a minute to post, I check every day for an update and was wondering how things were going. It takes a while to recover, 6 or 8 weeks at least, so you're getting there.

blueeyedtawni said...

he is simply gorgeous!!!

healing takes time but your getting there. Im glad though its starting to get better even if slowly. Hopefully your sleep is able to pick back up so both of you can get some rest. And nursing/bottles turns out great :)

Rebecca said...

Hope you are healed soon. I hope the pain and soreness soon leave.

Your son is so cute!

AnotherDreamer said...

Jamie, I am sorry for your loss. They really are a great place. L called me about my third miscarriage, she was very kind about it too- you're right, you can tell how much they care. I'm glad you went to them.

Thank you everyone :)

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! One month already! Wow, that has gone by fast.
I'm sorry that you had to deal with cellulitis and mastitis. That sucks. I hope that your incision starts getting better. I was pretty sore for the first 3 weeks, then things got better pretty quickly. My OB made sure to emphasize to me that you really have to take it easy for at least 6 weeks even if you are feeling better because the muscles have to heal back up.

Shannon Ivy said...

He looks so cute and big now!!! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's beautiful! Congratulations! I'm so happy your sweet boy is finally here!

Celia said...

Happy Birthday, Sugarbear.