Monday, January 24, 2011


I am so very sad for Wiseguy, if you haven't stopped by her blog please do.

Also, if you want to get in on a project hosted by Kristin at DragonDreamer's Lair in respect to Wiseguy and Lola, please stop by her blog too. She's really wanting a quick turnaround for this, so please stop over soon if you're going to.

My weight went down like 5lbs when I switched my Metformin, but due to general vegging out (I'm blaming the month long cold I had, although I could just be making excuses) anyway, I gained some back. I should probably go back to the whole being active thing and such... I am feeling a lot better, although my seasonal congestion seems chronic. But the fever, and all that other coughing and mucousy goobley-gook is done with.

I finished my prescription Vitamin D regimen. If you don't recall I tested low again, despite being on 1,000iu D3 a day. So we went back to the 8 week treatment of 100,000iu a week. I had my levels retested Friday, and should get the results back Monday. The nurse told me to wait for instructions from the doctor about my dose, because I assumed that if 1,000iu D3 wasn't enough I should probably up it to 2,000iu. No, the nurse said to wait for the test results. Doesn't make sense to me, obviously the 1,000iu wasn't enough. My levels dove down to 23. With just 400iu a day I was dangerously low at 15. So if 1,000iu is only keeping them in the twenties... ahem, but what do I know. Pfft.

My left ovary has been sore. I don't know what's going on, I don't think I've ovulated or anything. Maybe something's happening, maybe it's a cyst; I don't know. If it's still bothering me after my birthday I will call my RE... I'm planning on calling for a consult anyway. I'm just postponing until after my birthday, which is next weekend.

Speaking of my birthday... I'm hoping to have a few friends over, and my little brother. Going out to a buffet to eat, and just enjoy the moment. Life is short, and I'm getting older. I know I'm still a "young 'un" since I'm only turning twenty-six... but after everything I've been through growing up, then the 4 years of infertility, all the surgeries, the miscarriages... I sure don't feel like a "young 'un."

Twenty-six. Wow.

I told my husband that one of my issues with twenty-six is that I'll be closer to thirty than twenty. And he said, "You'll always be closer to thirty, you've already been twenty. You can't go back." Haha, thanks honey. I like how he puts things into perspective for me, he's amazing.

My birthday's a reminder, that I'm getting older and still childless. That another year has passed since we made that decision. I am four years older. It's a reminder that once, two years ago now, I conceived on my birthday. But, it's also a reminder that I survived another year. That I'm still here, and that is truly something to be celebrated and to be thankful for. And that's absolutely what I intend to do.

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Kristin said...

All I can say about the birthday is that 30 rocks but 40 has been even better. I hope 26 brings all kinds of wonders and delights to your life.