Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waste of tests-

Still a BFN at 14 days past ovulation. I'm just waiting for my new cycle to start so I can call my reproductive clinic for a baseline. Not spotting yet, so who knows if it will start tomorrow or not. My progesterone might have been higher than usual because of there being two follicles... however, my luteal phase is normally 14 days. I've had a few cycles where it was shorter, but the majority of the time it's 14 days. It's never been longer... so maybe by the end of the day tomorrow something will be happening.

Waiting waiting waiting.

I had a moment of weakness on the internet and bought myself a pretty dress online. In my defense, it was on clearance. Still a bit expensive though... and it's a renaissance styled dress, so unless I'm feeling really ballsy or eccentric, I might not get much use out of it. But I really wanted it... (*sigh*) I have buyers guilt now, because I should have put that money into savings or left it for bills... but the dress looked so pretty, and I've been feeling down, so I talked myself into buying it for myself as a "feel better about yourself" present. Maybe I will just make it be part of my holiday present... sure.

Ungh. Oh well, I'm excited to get it and see what it looks like on me. It'll probably look terrible... almost everything I look at and go "Ooo, that's pretty!", it ends up looking horrible when it's actually on me. I like a certain style of clothing, but my body... doesn't like hardly anything. A majority of things look terrible on me. At the plus size store I have to try everything on before I buy them, especially tops because some fit right in some areas but not others, some make me look nine months pregnant (thanks PCOS belly), and some make me look like a hobbit because they're too long and I'm far too short... yeah. If shopping in a store is so hard, makes you wonder why I'd be stupid enough to buy online... where I can't try it on before purchasing. Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. It's okay.

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I'd go to kohl's and buy stuff at failed cycles. Or months and months of no ovulation. Treating yourself once in a while is a good thing.