Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A few things-

I responded to comments in the last post, if you asked just check back in the comment section.

I also added my FertilityFrie.nd ticker at the very bottom of the blog- with a link to my chart, for those of you who are curious.

Speaking of FertilityFri.end- it thinks I'm 3 days past ovulation today. I am a bit skeptical- my temperatures are not entirely accurate due to sleep patterns, so I would advise holding off on getting excited about that until I see what my temps do in the next couple of days. Now I did feel like I was having ovulation pains on Saturday, but that doesn't mean a thing really. So we wait.

I called my doctor before my temperature went up today, and I let them know I still haven't ovulated. They told me to call back on either cycle day 1 or cycle day 35, in which case I would come in for blood work. Boo. My old clinic let me start progesterone whenever to end a cycle. I don't like waiting forever to start progesterone, because that means that my next cycle is that much more delayed. I repeat- boooooooooo. So, waiting to see what my temps do. Otherwise, I'm still stuck waiting.

I'm really excited for my brother's other sister (they have the same dad)- they've just started the adoption process. I am so happy for them. They've been trying to conceive for a very long time, and just started on the paperwork.

It's been good having someone in real life to talk about this stuff with, someone who has been there and gets is. I really am so thrilled for her, and eager for more news. She's going with the agency we may be using in the future, so I'm hoping that it will be a learning opportunity for us as well.

Sister-in-law is due next month- they're having her baby shower this Sunday, apparently. I wasn't invited. This is the one her mother is throwing for her. They sent me an invite to the first baby shower- the dual one with her friend. But they didn't send me one this time. I don't know if it's because I already let her know I wouldn't be attending, or what. But I let her know I wouldn't be at the first one either, so I'm just confused as to why they would send me an invite to one but not the other. I wouldn't have even known about this one, except one of her friends asked on her FB wall, and she let them know when and where it is.

I'm mostly ignoring that she's due next month, and trying to focus on the fact that it's A-s birthday next month. Except the whole her being due that same week keeps popping up. Even when I mention his birthday to A-, he says things like "She'll probably have the baby on my birthday. Then my birthday won't matter anymore at all." Meaning to his family. His birthday doesn't mean much to them anyway, and with this baby coming he knows that it will mean even less. He hid her updates on FB, I think it bothers him more than he's letting on- his younger sisters having children before we do.

I haven't colored or cut my hair since I confirmed I was anovulatory and infertile. Two years, and 9 months... I've maybe trimmed two inches of dead-ends off of it in all that time. Don't ask me why I haven't done anything with it in all this time, because I honestly don't know. I just felt like it. And now, it's getting really long and it has no style or shape. I think it's time for a trim. So, hopefully this Friday, I will visit a salon in the first time since my freshman year of high school.

I'll be kind of sad to see it go, it took a really really long time to grow it out this long. My hair grows so slowly! And, this hair has been with me through it all- the treatments, the miscarriages, the heart breaks. But it's time for a change. Here's to hoping that I don't regret it.

4 comments: said...

I think your SIL should still have sent in the invite. To turn it down, would be more definitive. Or maybe she really is confused about what she needs to do.

All the best to the other couple who began their adoption process. Maybe they can help you share notes and tips on the same.

I found A- very 'defeated' in his response. I don't know if I am correct to point it out, but it felt that way to me.

AnotherDreamer said...

Wiseguy: I was thinking the same thing about them being confused about what to do, it just totally confused me though that they did for one and not the other. And yes, I'm sure A- is by this point. He's given up on his family quite some time ago- they're a lot like mine with being uninvolved in our lives. Except his parents are more involved with their grandkids than their kids... which makes us even more alienated. And I think that makes this upcoming EDD even more auspicious. said...

Yeah, i don't understand why they wouldn't have invited you to the second shower especially if you'd be able to read about it via FB.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the adoption process!!

My old RE clinic was the same way with progesterone too. This place makes you wait for day 35. Booo

Anonymous said...

My RE was the same way about making me wait until CD 35 to end the cycle. It is maddening.

I'm sorry about the SIL thing. I hope for A's sake that the baby is not born on his bday.

Good for you for going to get your hair cut. Sometimes a little change can make you feel really good. I know how hard it is to let go though - I went years without cutting my hair, and I still keep it pretty long. But, getting it freshly cut and splurging on highlights makes me feel good.