Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solving the Mystery of Lefty

So, I went in for my ultrasound today. Things are progressing, I guess. I had a 10, and a 12, on my right... plus lots of tiny follicles. On my elusive left I had a 9 and an 11.

And after Dr. BlowsSunshine was digging around, he apologized for hurting me with the stupid wand in the quest of lefty, like they always do. Let me tell you now, it hurts like a bitch finding lefty. Lefty never wants to be found. Lefty is a ninja.

So I said,"Why is that? You guys always seem to have trouble finding the left one."

"Oh, it seems to be tucked behind your uterus. So we have to move the wand around to get it angled just right behind the uterus."

Oh. Ummm, okay?

Estrogen went up to 160... bah. I go back in on Monday.
They told me to keep it at 150iu... why!!! I am seriously getting a bit peeved about this.

It doesn't help that my tooth is hurting like mad, and the soonest a dentist can get me in is the 26th. Trust me, I called around. I called five different dentists. All the others quoted me like, July 6th and shit. I don't want to wait two more weeks with this tooth pain! I don't even want to wait another day, but I guess I'll have to. Another week to be exact. This blows.

Needless to say, when I got home from the REs (at the butt crack of dawn), I started to call several dentists, in my crappy mood and in pain and in need of sleep. After being told outrageous waiting dates for appointments, I proceded to throw myself down on the couch, have a good cry, and then proceded back up to bed. For a second, I wondered if I'd entered a time warp and was back in high school.... ha.


Julia said...

Not sure where you are located in Ohio, but if you are near Columbus, Akron, or Dayton, there are dentist offices called Immediadent. They are open every day from 9 to 9 (I think) and you don't have to have an appointment (though I would recommend it - I went without one and waited for an hour and a half).

Good luck with your tooth!

Test Blog said...

Have you told the dentists how much pain you are in? A lot of times, they will work in an emergency but will delay a regular appointment.


Kristin said...

As you can see, its me...just forgot to change my sign in.

G$ said...

Um, I am really skeptical that stimming for this long isn't going to push you right past the sweet spot for quality eggs. But again, I haven't done this with IUI. But in IVF, they don't like to stim more than 10-13 days or the egg quality suffers, even if they do get mature follicles.

I hate to be a negative nelly, but you may need to research this before you continue with more expensive and mind numbing stims. Also, is this the only RE you have access to? His history seems like he is a bit of a douchebag. But that's probably not what you need to hear right now. I'm a douchebag, feel free not to publish this comment.

In other news. My left ovary hides too. I always thought it was strange but during my last u/s on my last stim cycle, the sonographer told me that it happens a lot, and probably 90% of the time it's Lefty that wanders. Weird. But we are Sisters in the wandering ovary. Lefty just likes us to get dildocam manhandled.

I still have hopes that your ovaries are just all about slow and steady winning the race. It happens. Hang in there.

MrsSpock said...

My lefty is a weird one as well. It never is a great responder. Au naturale, it only does the egg duty maybe 3 times a year, otherwise Righty does it. It usually only had a 9 or 10 during my Clomid cycles. I've always been suspicious that she got old before her time.