Monday, June 15, 2009

ovary woes

My ovaries are stubborn bitches.

Or as Dr. BlowsSunshine said today, they're "resistant."
I think that's an understatement, but whatever.

Lining went from 7 to 11. Okay...

The elusive left has a 7 and an 8.
My always faithful right has a 9 and a 10.

Yeah, nothing mature.
Because that would be too easy.

Estrogen went up from 34 to 86.

I've been stimming for 13 days now... I'm on cycle day 16.
This is getting fucking annoying.

I go back in on Thursday for another ultrasound and another ultra fun needle stick. I'm supposed to stay on the same dose. When I asked the nurse if I should open a new 900iu pen, or the 300iu pen... she told me to open the 900iu since we'll be stimming for awhile yet. Can you feel the disdain in my voice? It's there, I assure you. Why the hell am I coming in Thursday for another ultrasound, and not upping my dose... why the hell am I going to have to stim for awhile yet? This cycle feels like a bust in the making.

Dr. BlowsSunshine said he thinks he can get me to ovulate this cycle, but we'll have to go slow and steady. Because I'm young. Ummm- throw 'young' out the fucking window. Yeah I'm 24, but my ovaries are stubborn ass bitches that don't listen- 13 days of stimming, with minimal results, should tell you something... you think?

On top of all this, I seem to have developed a nasty cavity, or something. A call to A-s insurance revealed that, drum roll please, A-s work didn't put me on his dental plan. Bastards.

So, I guess I'll just wait for my student loan money to come in and then get it taken care of. Which means I could be in for a rough week. My whole jaw hurts, and it's also causing ear pain. My primary care physician called in an antibiotic for me, and they were supposed to call me in a pain medication... but they fucked that up. Damn it.

And then I mentioned to my primary care physician about how I almost passed out the other day. I was drinking soda, I swallowed weird, and I had chest pain. The next thing I know, I have tunnel vision and I'm starting to pass out... this alone wouldn't be so bad, but in high school I had passing out episodes... and my slacker doctor back then just wrote it off. So, I get to go have my heart checked out.

Bloody hell.


Celia said...

Wow. That is a whole lot of crap going wrong. I am so sorry. There is no pain like dental pain.

I think I would be self medicating with Dr.Jack Daniels.

My ovaries are not doing crap this month either.

Shit, be careful while you are driving till you get this figured out.

G$ said...

Hmm, I haven't done injections + iui, but stimming for 13 days and going another 3 with no up in dosage seems really odd to me. Plus your lining sounds ready to go.

Ugh on the toof. Dental insurance sucks anyways, then to have them forget you... lovely.

Hang in there.

'Murgdan' said...

Want me to come over and kick your slacker ovaries respective asses? I would so do that for you.

Also...for your reading pleasure, as this can be triggered by the type of swallowing you mentioned:

Hang in there.

Another Dreamer said...

Murgan, thanks for the link. That's actually what he thought it was too :) But I forgot what it was called.

Kristin said...

Damn girl...when it rains, it pours. Hope the ovaries start behaving, your tooth miraculously improves, and the heart check up gives you a clean bill of health.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Ugh, ugh and ugh. Enough said? Hope things turn around for you, seriously!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about the misbehaving ovaries. I am also really surprised they aren't upping your dose. I mean, I know you are young and with PCOS they don't want to over stim you, but it's very frustrating to stim so long with expensive meds and not get the response you are looking for. I will admit that I have added an extra click (or maybe two) to my dose, and that seemed to help. I'm not suggesting that you should do that, but it is an option if your RE is being ridiculously conservative.

I'm sorry about the dental problems too. And the chest pain. Ugh. Hugs.