Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stupid Winter

Yesterday as I was heading to my car, I stepped on the porch steps like I normally do. Except for this time I slipped on the almost three inches of ice on them. I fell on my back, right onto the nice pointy steps. I was fine for 5 hours, until my classes were over. I was getting ready to head home when... my back started to hurt. Then, my neck started to hurt. It got worse and worse as the night wore on. I could hardly sleep it hurt so bad. Yes, I know a normal person would have went to the ER, but I don't like going to there unless I need to. So I waited to see how I was in the morning... ungh, no? Owie!

I set up an appt. this morning, and I just got back. I seem to have pulled my neck muscle, like Whiplash, as well as thoroughly bruised my back. But my doc hooked me up. I got a shot and some pills, and he said I should be feeling better in a few hours. We shall see! I hope so.

Stupid crappy ice and snow, how I hate winter. Pretty? Yes. Harazrdous? Plenty! Worth putting up with the hazards for the priveldge of beholding this beauty? Not so much.

A- was driving me home from my appt, and I swear that boy has no common sense sometimes. He wasn't driving slow enough in the slush and we started skidding and hit a telephone pole. We were only going 10mph, and the car wasn't damaged, but geesh.

I hit the seat belt pretty hard, and my knee hit the glove box. At least I'm already medicated. I am so mad, I TOLD him to take it slower. He never listens to my backseat driving advice, and really he should. I am a winter weather driving veteran. He doesn't have as much experience as I do. Of course I have learned the hard way after my first 360 degree skid out one winter... but learn I did. The lesson? Take it slow.

Sorry. Needed to vent!

But we're safe, the car is safe, and that's what matters.

I hate winter and all it's glory.

What's this have to do with infertility? Nothing. Just wanted to rant.

I am still taking my Prometrium. I always feel at a loss for words when I'm in between cycles. I suppose I could rant about the wait, the unknowns, the depression, the loss of optimism... but you have most likely already heard all that from me before. So, instead I offer you... I dunno. Still working on that. Perhaps occasional ramblings will do for now.


Michelle said...

I agree! I hate winter! I hope you are feeling better soon. It sounds like it hurts! Hopefully the meds kick in. ((HUGS))

Tara said...

WHY DO THEY NEVER LISTEN TO OUR BACKSEAT DRIVING???? Husbands sometimes just DON'T get it. I hope the shot has kicked in and you are feeling better.

Always here for you to vent - IF or otherwise :)

Penny said...

Oh, yucky. Sorry to hear about your back. I hope the drugs are good.

Celia said...

I have been lying to my husband for six years. I tell him I get car sick. Nope, but it was the only way to get him to slow down. Technically, his driving WAS making me sick, sick with worry that we would be road pancakes.

Ask your doctor for something called Biofreeze. It's an odorless, grease-free , topical pain killer. It's magic.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Ice sucks! Slipping is always my fear because I know it'll wreck havoc with my fibro.

Meds are good. Hopefully you feel better soon! And glad you guys are okay and the car isn't damaged. Take care!

..al said...

Ramblings are fine...You are so welcome!

Ouch, it sounds painful....the slipping on the snow and the subsequent backache....it is always worse with the cold around!

And yeah, drive slow...I have learnt that the hard way too. No 360 degree skidding for me, just a couple of accidents in the middle of busy roads - that set me right for life.

Anonymous said...

I have been so afraid of falling on ice since moving to this icy Midwestern hell hole. This winter has been particularly bad, and it's not anywhere near over yet. I am so sorry to hear about the painful fall and pulled muscle and bruises. Ugh, and then the car accident! Hopefully he will listen to you now!

Please keep ranting and/or rambling. We are here to support each other through all of the phases - the waiting, the active treatments, and the in between times. I hope you feel better soon!

Dora said...

OUCH! Feel better soon.

Re Biofreeze, that stuff is the devil! My ex sometimes used it on his wrist, then one night we were fooling around, he hadn't washed it all off ... OMFG!!! Just a warning, if you have it on your hands, DON'T TOUCH YOUR HOO HA!