Thursday, January 15, 2009

All systems are go

I can bend my neck now, thank goodness for steriods! That sounds wrong... but it's so true.

I love having health insurance and being able to go to the doc. I can pay $20 to see my doc, then have reduced pay on my meds, and it's great. For instance, I used to have to pay $50 out of pocket for my doctor's visit, then $40 for an inhaler. A whooping total of $90 to not die of an asthma attack. Geesh. Now I pay $20 to see my doc, or free to call it in and ask, and then like $20 for my inhaler. Total of $20 to $40 max. It is so nice. I am soooo grateful. For as crappy as my insurance is, I am still grateful I have it. I know what it's like not to.

And having it, I am using it up. Before, I would have suffered for weeks with my injury from my fall on Monday. But now? I go to the doc, and it's 3-4 days later, and I am feeling a lot better. It's amazing. I was sick last month, and if I hadn't went to the doctor I would have been sick for 2 weeks. I was only sick for 4-5 days I think. It was such a huge difference. I'm still not quite used to being able to visit a doctor whenever I need to.

That being said, I still have to pay out the butt for infertility because that service just ain't covered. But... I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

I woke up today, and dear Aunt Flo is here. Oh yes, cycle day one we meet again. I am taking the Clomid this cycle, and hoping for a birthday surprise ovulation. Will I get it? Probably not, but it would be nice. Onward!

But for now, I must gather my kitty in the ole pet carrier and cart her to the vets. It's time to get her stitches out. Yes, stitches. I got her fixed. I kinda feel bad for taking that right away from her, but there is a pet overpopluation problem... and I don't want more kitties right now. Not to mention she was too dainty to even handle this litter. She only got milk in 2 of her nipples, for 4 kittens. I had to supplement the runts because they were loosing weight, momma was loosing weight, and I was concerned. So, I suppose it's all for the better, but still... the guilt nags me. Who am I to take that right away from her, if you know what I mean? She just wants to be a momma... and I can totally relate.


G$ said...

I hope this month brings good things for you :)

Insurance is so nice, nothing like preventative care!

Celia said...

I am so so thankful for our insurance. Even when I am sad at what we are spending, I know it could be so much worse. Happy Day 1.

Michelle said...

I know I would be so screwed without insurance. It's been hard to get used to paying for because at my husbands last job we only had to pay 25 a month and now its 350 a month but at least I have it and I am thankful! I hope you get a great birthday surprise!

Tara said...

Insurance is so nice - even when it doesn't pay for what we want it to pay for...

Don't feel guilty about kitty cat. You didn't take away her right - she IS a mother (you have the kitties to prove it :)). You are protecting her future and her health.

So glad you are feeling better!!

Cara said...

I was SO excited to learn my insurance covered chiropractic. Then, due to the economy, they just cut it again...well - it was good while it lasted.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Having my provincial medical is an amazing privilege. I also have pretty good medical benefits. I feel very lucky.

Sorry about your kitty. I understand how you'd have issues with it but I agree with others that you're doing what's best for her health.

WiseGuy said...

Ah insurance... I haven't struck lucky with them yet. I am happy that it is lowering health costs, even if not improving your health (smiles intended).

WRT the comment that you left on my blog, I too am so glad that Dora pointed it out to me (that the nurse had no right to discuss me) and I am informing my mother in the evening to not discuss me anymore. Period.

Penny said...

I love insurance only when it actually works. Glad it worked on your neck if not the rest of ya. Good luck this clomid cycle.