Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For serious?

This came in the mail for me this week from my health insurance provider. I thought I would share it with you, in case you didn't know. Oh, it was so helpful. I hope it's not toooo blurry, because you should read this. For serious.


Ah, the mysteries of the woman body. What should you know? Well, let me share some tidbits. How about...


It is? For reals. I did NOT know how fragile my reproductive system is. Did you?

And this is what it has to say about those said issues.


No way. Cysts on the ovaries? Endometriosis? Those are totally new terms to me! You can get an infection in you lady parts? Cervical cancer? OMG! This was all new information to me!


What really pissed me off about this pamphlet, aside from the obvious wasting of a tree... the fact that it has such limited and not even basic information about anything. There's no explanation for the crap in it, it's just like... "Go talk to your doctor." type of feel.

It mentions ovarian cysts, but not PCOS. What the hell? I thought PCOS was extremely common? Yet... not even a glazing over. Wow.

And furthermore, what universe do they live in where a doctor notices these things in you at a regular check up?Are you serious? I had regular check ups for years, and you know what? My PCOS and subsequent infertility were not diagnosed until I was trying to have a baby for awhile. After I had missed my period for a dangerously long time.

Thanks insurance company, I know you were trying to help. But you are a dumb ass. If you want to help, be more... I don't know, helpful?

I guess it really doesn't matter to you anyway, right? It's not like any of your plans cover infertility.

Ah, I feel better now :)


Michelle said...

Insurance companies suck. I am glad to see they are taking our money and putting it to good use. No wonder insurance rates keep going up. If they are printing and sending that to everyone it can't be cheap. It would be fine if it was helpful but really it's not helpful.

Cara said...

Wow - that pamphlet just scared the ever-living crap out of me. Seriously! One - for it's obvious lack of valuable information and Two cause those terms are becoming more and more applicible to my body!

Insurance, Politics and Taxes - bleh.

Tara said...

F-ing A. Do we live in the year 2009 or 1950?

Penny said...

That's a terrible pamphlet! I agree, it's like paranoia-inducing without actually information of any kind. thanks, it's so good to know organs in my body are "fragile." I should refrain from any sports and things, right?

I think you should doctor up a few pamphlets with actual information. You know, kind of a Fight Club rebellion of sorts.

MrsSpock said...

I guess I should stop doing crunches on the Bender Ball- it might injure my fragile lady parts...

..al said...

Ugh....joke of the year!

Hey why don't you send them a book of Christmas carols - and for every word that spells as Santa, erase the S and replace it with D.

Will waste their time, to say the least!

Celia said...

Nice, the worst part is you know that had to pass through an entire group of people who all agreed it was a fabulous idea.

Shelby said...

I'm really shocked that PCOS was not covered. I think it is more common than we all realize, unfortunately, and women should be aware of it.

stina978 said...

That is a piece of work... oh my I don't know if I have ever seen anything so pointless! Thanks for sharing your ins. co's stupidity! WOW!!