Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On a more positive note

My husband is so cute sometimes. We played the lottery tonight for the hell of it (No, we didn't win.) We were talking about what we would do with the 26million if we won.

Pay off debt, buy a nice house in the country, a car, injectables/IUI... I then told him I could think of a few charities that would be getting very generous donations. I'd be giving away several million if I had it to give. A- looked at me and said he would like to a big fat check to a foundation that helps people to afford adoption. Made me smile.

About a month ago I was telling him the odds of multiples with injectables and IUI. I was explaining that the risk of twins goes up to 20% and 5% for triplets or more. He smiled and looked at me and said, "I could hit those odds." I looked back at him and said, "No, uhh, we don't want to hit those odds. Twins, fine. More? Dangerous." I looked at him again, "Not six."

It's been our running joke since we discovered the need for injectables... cause of the similarities between us and J.on and K.ate... A-'s a IT guy/programmer, I have PCOS, we're looking into injectables... yeah, just a joke. But still. Occasionally we look at each other and say, "Not six." I'll take what I get, but I'd rather not end up with six on accident.

He keeps teasing me because lately I've been painting with tools other than my paint brushes... I keep trying to explain to him that artists use whatever is available and often use innovative tools to create masterpieces (Not that I'm creating masterpieces, but rather am just vetting out emotions... but still.) He doesn't get it. It's okay though. I'll just keep scraping my paint together in interesting ways. It's a good release.

In other news... the sorta non-medicated Soy/Metformin cycle continues. Maybe I'll get lucky and ovulate, ha ha ha! Yay, right. Well, one can wish. Hope is not gone just yet.


Michelle said...

I know my husband and I always talk about multiples. I hope you have a Happy New Year.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

I think I'd like just a small win. You know, a hundred thousand or so. We could pay off our student loans, not have to worry about a mat leave and have enough for a down payment on a home all in one shot. Ahhh, dreaming. :)