Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend stresses and updates-

We tried to get my Lovenox prescription processed with the new insurance over the weekend.


I get the generic, and first it was declined. They tried running it a different way, it was covered with a $334 co-pay ($1046 without insurance). Then they tried to run it through my supplemental benefits (told to treat it as a secondary insurance) and... they couldn't. The website didn't work, and no representatives were available until Monday during regular business hours. Cue panic.

I mean, at this point we didn't know if the supplemental would cover the prescription at all. I spent the weekend frantic, wondering how we could afford that, if I'd qualify for forbearance on my student loans, if Heparin would be cheaper (it's not covered at all by our insurance)... I. was. freaking. out. I need that medicine to help prevent miscarriage/stillbirth and to prevent myself from getting clots- and that's a lot of extra money to come up with.

So today came around, and THANK GOODNESS they kicked it through the supplemental with a co-pay of $84. The lady at the pharmacy probably thought I was crazy with how excited  I was with that news, and how profusely I thanked her for her dedication to getting it processed for us. I basically melted in my chair from relief. Whew.

So then the upcoming MFM appointment... it fell on the 5 year anniversary of when I finally passed the second baby. That obviously made me uncomfortable/anxious. We already had one appointment around the time we lost the third one (Monday before Thanksgiving), and I almost threw up in the waiting room for that ultrasound because of my nerves. Well, now we have a winter storm watch and they're calling for rain/ice pellets followed by snow, and I just said screw it... I'm not risking the hour drive there, hour drive back, with weather like that. I rescheduled. Hopefully they aren't holding that against me, but one less stress for me is one less stress for me. I'm done with stress this week. So I go in Friday morning instead. Hopefully all will be well with the babies.

Ending on a more positive note... We have 1.5wks left until viability now, so we're just hanging in there and waiting it out. Every day we get a little closer to our next milestone.

The babies and I are growing super fast; here's my 22 week belly shot. Definitely measuring ahead about 8-10 weeks consistently. My OB doesn't measure my fundal height, but comparing to photos of when I was pregnant with V it sure looks comparable. It's normal to measure 6-8 weeks ahead with twins, and V always measured 1-2 weeks ahead (these two have been measuring a week ahead), it makes sense to me. I think Baby B has moved head down but I'm not sure, A is still head down though. I've been feeling them both a lot more during the day, so there's that. I'm using the doppler a lot less since I feel a little better when I feel them more. My pregnant after loss brain is still in gear, I'm still nervous, but trying to stay positive.

7 comments: said...

Yay for the insurance!! I think I had to pay $558 for 3 months until we hit our deductible. Awful! I wouldn't want to drive in that or add any kind of unnecessary stress. I hope everything goes smoothly at your next appointment!

An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Gosh. What a weekend.... I feel like not getting out in the craziness is totally understandable. You need your sanity! Glad you are so darn close to viability. Fingers crossed!

Rebecca said...

So glad you didn't have a huge co-pay. Praying for time when the viability day hits to just fly by...I know that feeling well!

Unknown said...

I am just glad to see a post! I was getting worried, lol. In all honesty though, thank goodness that med came down in price. Holy moly. I'd be freaking out, too!! You look great!

Jessi Wallace | said...

Sorry, me again, testing the commenting! I think I found out what went wrong and why it showed me as "Unknown". ;) lol

Celia said...

ARGH. My stupid phone will not let me comment. I "borrowed" my husbands laptop that is sacred and not to be touched. I am reading everything and am so glad you are doing well. I hope it has been ok with your mom, personally I am ready to push mine off on an ice floe.

AnotherDreamer said...

Thanks everyone!

Celia, it's been okay... but she's so wrapped up in my brother's baby right now that she hasn't been bothering me too much. Except to make occasional comments how one might be a girl, or that I'm carrying wide this time lol. I'm sure it'll get worse though, I always say... just give it time! Sorry yours is driving you nuts! I can only imagine girl.