Tuesday, February 25, 2014

OB appointment-

Blood pressure and all that was fine. I requested a cervical length check so they sent me down for that, I just wanted to be safe since I wouldn't be getting another one with MFM. The scan showed it was 3.9cm this time, which is good- however, it was 4.7cm two weeks ago. My OB wants me to have it rechecked in two weeks and she told me to take it easy. It could just be the difference in machine/tech, but better to play it safe. She said I could come back there, but we'll request MFM check again since we see them in two weeks anyway. And if they won't for some reason I'll just call her back up and try to get in there.

The babies had good heart beats via ultrasound, although we couldn't really see them since it was so zoomed in on hearts. They were moving and partying it up though, according to the tech. They were giving her a hard time, but not too bad.

In the waiting room I had my first "When are you due," comment, followed by an eye bulge today. I guess I'm getting pretty big. I explained to the lady I was carrying twins, and she said, "Oh, I was gonna say..." Mmmhmmm. Okay then. Assuming we can keep these babies cooking for a long while yet, this is going to get pretty interesting. I've gained like 40lbs already (only gained 26 with V). I look like I'm 30wks pregnant, if I compare photos to his pregnancy too.

I'm really exhausted all the time now. I can barely find the energy to get basic stuff done most days and I hurt all over. I went to the maternity store after the appointment to get a few necessities, we were maybe there a half hour... it wiped me out completely. I had to buy a maternity support belt, at the suggestion of my OB, because my lower abdomen feels like it's tearing up and hurts all the time. The belt is nice, I just have to be careful not to overuse it. I honestly never felt like this with V even at full term, I'm really worried about how I'm going to finish this pregnancy. I'm take it super easy as it is, but I guess I need to tone it down even more.

MFM in two weeks. I think I need to take a Tylenol and get some rest now.


Melis.sa said...

i hope the difference was due to different machines/people.

I hope you can grab time here and there to rest! I can't imagine how that must feel to know you (hopefully) have so many more weeks ahead.

Rebecca said...

I'd say I know just how you feel but I'm a couple of weeks behind you and carrying only one. I have my appt. for a belt fitting on the 7th. Just do what you absolutely have to from this point on and rest often, please.