Sunday, March 30, 2014

Long week-

It's been a whirlwind week.

I had my OB appointment Tuesday and all was (is) well there. I go back in 4 weeks, we'll do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test, then we start bi-weekly appointments. We might go ahead and schedule my c-section too (yikes) for 38 weeks. We're 25 weeks now, so that leaves 13 weeks left maximum (of course they might come earlier). I see MFM on the 11th for another growth scan to see how the babies are doing.

After the appointment we had to head south for an overnight stay because A had a business meeting early in the morning. He would have had to get up at 3am here to make it on time because of the drive time, so we just drove down the night before and decided to plan a little surprise side trip for V.

So we went down, got caught in a snow storm with limited visibility for most of the duration (seriously whiteout conditions at times). Luckily it wasn't sticking, it just made seeing more than a car/semi-truck away from you impossible. We got to the hotel alright though, and tried to relax for the evening. This was V's first time staying overnight somewhere other than home, so he was rather wound up but it was all good.

In the morning A went to his meeting while the little guy and I chilled at the hotel. Afterward we went on our second part of the trip- the big surprise for V! We were very close to an aquarium we had planned to visit earlier last year but had to cancel, so how could we skip that opportunity? V loves aquariums and fish; I mean if we pass the fish in the pet section at the supermarket he freaks out. We walked in there and he lost it, he just kept yelling, "Look! A fish!" It was wonderful. I was exhausted, we had barely any sleep, but it was totally worth it to see his face light up like that. He spent the whole time pointing out fish, sharks, alligators and crocodiles (which he thought were dinosaurs and dragons) just eating it up. At the end I was sore, hungry, and I just wanted to go home but I definitely don't regret it: it was awesome.

The next day I intended to rest away my aches, then catch up on housework... sadly, V came down with the stomach flu. Big time. All night he was up and down puking, then into the next day. He was miserable, the poor kid. He didn't throw up today though, so I think we're on the mend- let's hope anyway. So now the disinfecting process begins and hopefully I won't catch it because that would be awful, especially in my condition. I assume A will be safe because he never catches anything, ha. He always seems to be lucky like that.

We had plans for tomorrow, but we had to nix them. Hopefully we can get some rest instead (between cleaning, yikes) goodness knows we all need it!


aryanhwy said...

alligators and crocodiles (which he thought were dinosaurs and dragons

How funny! Gwen identifies dinosaurs and dragons as "krokodil!"

AnotherDreamer said...

aryanhwy, ha! That's awesome. They do sort of look like them ;)

I'll admit I've stopped correcting him about it, I think it's cute and he's only two... I figure I might as well let him enjoy it while he can. The world is a magical place at that age! said...

I hope he's on the mend and that you don't catch it!

That's awesome that you were able to do that with him :)

Rebecca said...

I can only imagine what he must be thinking or feeling when he sees the fish in the supermarket. Hope you don't catch that stomach bug.

Jessi Wallace | said...

Ugh, we had that stomach thing in our house again, too. I had it first, then Glenn. SO not fun. Thankfully it totally skipped over Zoey. I'm so glad this has been such a quiet/uneventful pregnancy for you!! You totally deserve it.