Saturday, March 15, 2014

Appointment update- 23 weeks

The babies both looked good. It was a really long day so I didn't get a chance to come here and update. A is about 1 lb 7 oz, and B is 1 ob 8oz. There was much kicking to be had, they were playing footsie and at one point B decided to kick A in the crotch. Sibling love, I'm telling ya! They both looked good though, they think they've gotten all the necessary shots now (continue the anatomy checks) and there were no signs of an issue.

After the appointment we did a little shopping, then had to come back here and get things done around the house. It's been a very stressful week, and I'm just glad that today I can relax. I probably won't, because there are a million things to do, but I'm going to try and stay as idle as possible. Ha!

V is still pretty clueless about what's going on. He'll tell you where the babies are sometimes, or pet my belly when we tell him to be gentle (you know, not jump and kick there), but usually he just looks confused. We try to keep him involved, he goes to our scans, we show him the baby on the screen, take him shopping (where he always seems to get something too, hmmm), got him his own "baby" too. I plan on making him a big brother basket/present to help with the transition, so he won't feel as left out, and maybe have him buy special presents for the babies too. It's hard because he's still behind in communicating, and he's young anyway. He's had a recent word/sentence explosion so that's exciting progress. He's starting to put words together on his own to make his own "sentences," although most are for imaginary play. We're getting there though.


Jessi Wallace | said...

YAY for a baby update!!! I love these! :D So glad things are going well.

Sadie said...

So pleased to read this update and know all is well! I love the stuff about their sibling rivalry, er, love... ;) I think you're in for fun times! Sending good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

I so glad you and the babies are doing so well! Been thinking about you all often.
Davie Ann never really "got" that there was a baby in my belly. We'd tell her that, and she'd want to look under my shirt. I'm still not sure she relates Isaiah to the "baby in my belly." She adores him, although she does have jealous moments, mostly when she's really tired. Over all, I don't think we've ruined her life too badly by producing a sibling. :)