Friday, July 12, 2013

The good and the bad-

Our anniversary today has been alright. Yesterday we had a wonderful time though, and that more than makes up for it. But I am so ready for this week to be over. Poor A, his vacation has left something to be desired.

Where to begin? I think it started with the water main leak on our property. We had seven days to get that fixed, or they would have shut off our water. Thankfully A's dad (our landlord) and A fixed it by themselves. Whew. It took forever though because of tree roots, and the yard is a mess. It was resolved though! Huzzah for the small things.

After that, we had the flooding. We've had rain almost every day for the past two weeks now, and the other day it was really bad. So bad the basement flooded. This has happened before mind you, but not quite on this scale. We didn't realize it was flooding until it was too late. The washer/dryer are down there, by the way. So the dryer wasn't unplugged, and we hear it going "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" until it shut off by itself. The water was pretty high. It put out the pilot light on our water heater too.

So we got that sump pumped out and dry again, but too late to contain the damage. The dryer won't stay running. We're hoping once it dries out more it'll be fine, or that it's an easy fix. I may cry otherwise. The pilot light on the water heater won't stay lit, really won't even relight. It's older than me, so we're figuring it's officially bit the dust. So we've been without hot water and a dryer for three days now. A and his dad are replacing the hot water tank tomorrow. If all goes according to plan. Fingers crossed.

Completely unrelated to the flooding? Our microwave stopped working. I kid you not, same night. The microwave will light up, it'll spin, but it wasn't heating anything. It's a museum display for food you can't eat!

It's moments like these that I'm convinced we have gremlins.


Yesterday we nixed our original plans, considering our luck we didn't want to risk a six hour round trip. Instead we went to an area we frequent, but a park we've never been before. It was beautiful (and free, which made me happy!). I got some nice portraits of V, besides the huge bruise on his forehead. I feel like he has a perpetual bruise there! I suppose I can look at it as a testament of his childhood though, or his rite of passage into boyhood. We did family photos too, so I got new prints to update the ones on our mantle finally.

Today started with V's 18 month check-up, bright and early. The pediatrician was happy with his word progress, and progress in other areas. So, thankfully we didn't have to fight anymore about speech therapy! V got his last vaccination for a few years. He now associates laying on the exam table with his shots though, so laying him down to get his height did not go well. He's been crabby all day now too. He hasn't grown any in the past six months, not height or weight, but he sure feels like it. The doctor wasn't worried though, as V is very active and that can explain the weight. As for the height, we don't know how accurate that was since he was being a wiggle worm.

So, it's our anniversary too. We had a picnic later and took him to the park. We would have went to the park where we got married, but it was flooded. Go figure, right? We had a good time regardless, so it was alright. V played with the alphabet spinners and sang out random letters. He's trying. I have to give him credit for effort! He knows that they're letters, even if he doesn't know them. I think it's adorable.

Of course I got a huge bruise on my back now from chasing after him... but I think it was worth it.

I might need someone to remind me I said that later.

So, that's the good and bad of it. It's been a rough week. There were good points, but I'm still ready for this week to be OVER. And I'm hoping- HOPING- that next week goes smoother!


Anonymous said...

How frustrating about all the appliances dying! The few times I've had to go without hot water have been awful.

However, going without a dryer isn't that bad. We moved to a place without one when Gwen was 19 days old (and we were almost exclusively cloth diapering). The Netherlands in winter is definitely not a place for hanging laundry up outside, but get a good drying rack and unless your house is excessively cold or damp, a load will generally dry overnight indoors.

It's now been 18 months that we've gone without a drying, and while things like towels and sheets are inconvenient unless it IS nice enough to hang them up outside, it hasn't been inconvenient enough for us to break down and buy a dryer.

AnotherDreamer said...

Oh, I can't handle not putting my clothes through the dryer. Between the cat hair, the humidity, and lack of room to dry things inside, it would drive me nuts.

Sadie said...

Uhg. Sorry all your appliances have gone haywire! Those pics of V are sweet though.

I'm with the above poster: since moving to Europe, where dryers are not commonplace, I hang dry everything. I actually now can't stand the feeling of clothes from the dryer, or how much wear and tear it adds. Either way, hope you get that sorted soon.

Happy (belated) Anniversary! Glad you had some good to weigh against the bad.