Monday, July 29, 2013

Lost and Found-

Things have been kind of mellow (I'm shocked too). I'm not stressed about the microwave, the one we have works well enough for now. I do plan on replacing it before Christmas, but for now I don't really care as much as I thought I would. The dryer... I don't mind hanging the clothes out for now. It's a little inconvenient, and the hair/lint on darker colored things bothers me (comforters are going to have to make their way to the laundromat *shudder*) but I'm cool. The weather is nice enough that it's not a huge issue. It actually gives me a little moment of quiet peace, taking it out there and hanging it while V plays. I hang the clothes, then retreat to my bench, and just watch the little guy run loose. I guess you could say it's actually given me a bit of zen about things.

Which is weird, because it's actually more work for me. The laundry is now all my domain, while before it was A's.

I'm still taking my supplements. I should call about coverage for the saline ultrasound soon. I keep putting things off, telling myself I can deal with it later. Which is true enough, but it's almost August now. I need to get on things. My BCPs isn't working either, so I'll have to call about that too. I feel much better since the partial root canal and the course of antibiotics. I have to finish the root canal soon, but for now... whew. Such a relief.

I'm trying to focus on my diet, and doing okay. I could do better, but I've made some progress. Seriously, it is way to easy to gain and such a pain to lose. I should heed that lesson, and take better care. It would mean less work for me.

We shook things up here, by choice, last week. As you may recall, we lost both our dogs last year, and I wasn't planning on getting a new one for a very long time. I had them both for around 13 years, and the thought of going through that again was too much. I still miss them so much. Then, as time passed I started to miss having a dog in general, too. I started following our dog pound and humane society on FB, not with the intention of getting a dog anytime soon... just to see (who am I kidding, right?) A has been hinting that he wanted another dog too. I think his desire for a new dog was much stronger than mine, but he didn't want to say anything because I made my stance very clear- in a few years, not now.

So of course, the perfect dog popped up. And we adopted him.

They think he's 3-4 years old, and he's a Chihuahua. He was a stray, and no one turned up to claim him; he'd been there a week. He has a skin condition, I believe he may have been living off of table scraps, his nails were so long they curled under and it was hard for him to walk, and there are some signs of possible past abuse. We have to get him his shots, and neutered, but right now he has kennel cough and we're trying to determine the cause of his skin issue (he's on antibiotics and antihistamines).

The past few days have been a learning experience, as we discover who he is and what he's been through. He really is a sweet dog though, totally ignores the cats, doesn't mind V at all, and already latched onto A and myself. He's not leash trained (I think it's something more than that, possibly abuse related), so that's something we have to work on.

So that's the crazy thing we did last week. And oddly enough, I don't regret it. I feel like I should, since the timing wasn't the best, but I guess sometimes life works out like that. We already love him, and A is just... entirely smitten.


iamstacey said...

He's so cute! What's his name?

I'm glad you've found some zen. Sometimes a breather is just exactly what you need to find the energy and enthusiasm needed for the next go-round.

AnotherDreamer said...

We ended up naming him Henry :) It was Henry, Inigo Montoya (my vote), or Tim the Enchanter (A's vote) lol. said...

He's adorable!

See I like hanging laundry outside when it's by choice :) I'm glad you're enjoying it though.

blueeyedtawni said...

he is gorgeous and good for the heart as well :)

iamstacey said...

lol! I love the name choices! :)

loribeth said...

Adorable! :)