Monday, August 27, 2012

8 months-

V is 8 months old today. It's been a crazy month. In the last week alone he's started crawling, trying to crawl up stuff to stand, he got his first tooth, and his second tooth. He also had his first allergic reaction to something he ate; I'm still trying to figure out if it was the blueberries or his peach yogurt melts. He got a rash on his arms and legs from it, so there's that. Ugh. He also got a diaper rash this week, and his eye seems to have gotten irritated/infected again from his clogged duct.

I wish that would clear up already, if it still hasn't by his 9 month appointment we're getting referred to an eye doctor for evaluation. They may have to do a procedure to fix it. It's very frustrating. Every time he needs eye antibiotic he fights us like crazy, so I have the hardest time giving him the ointment.

So, that was just the last week, if that gives you any indication for how things have been! We have our hands full.

He's definitely gotten the hang of sitting on his own, and army crawling. He just started actual crawling, so he's doing a combination of real crawling and scooting right now.

He loves books. He really loves mommy and daddy's books, he really wants to figure out how they work. He's just fascinated by them. He likes his books too, but it's chunky cardboard pages aren't as cool as regular paper pages. Well, the love of books has to start somewhere. Ha.

I still haven't moved him to his crib yet. I'm really in no hurry. I like having him in the room with us, it's easier when he wakes up in the wee hours of the morning (which, with how he's been feeling this past week has been ongoing). I probably should move him sometime in the next couple months... but it'll happen when it happens.

We tried some finger foods... that hasn't gone well. He's not very interested in them, he prefers his purees. When I gave him Puffs or some toast, he generally makes yucky faces and tried to push it out. Eh. He did go to town on some banana when I offered it to him, which was weird because he won't eat mashed banana. He's just not ready for the finger foods, I guess. He still can't figure out sippy cups either, I think we may try a different type.

Regardless, he's growing great and I'm not worried.

I don't know how my baby has gotten so big. He's in 9 months clothes right now, but fits some 12 month clothes too. December feels like it's going to be here before we know it too, which with all the holidays coming up fast it probably will. The end of the year always feels like it just flies by. How is it already the end of August?!


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Sorry that you are having such a rough time. I'm hoping that things start to work themselves out. It is rough when all the craziness hits at one time...

And by the way... V is looking like a little boy! Oh my goodness! He is adorable!

Rebecca said...

9 months already! Sheesh time has really flown by this year. Hopefully you can figure out what was giving him the rash. I'm guessing blueberry.

KC said...

Wow, he sure is handsome! I love the shoes, what a stylish dude. Sounds like he has been keeping you busy but that face makes it totally worth it. Glad to hear he is developing and growing so well!

Mrs Bishop said...

wow- it's crazy to me how quickly babies turn into toddlers, into little kids so quickly!

MrsSpock said...

Cutie pie! Our J had a clogged duct too, but it was fine by the time he was 6 months old.