Monday, March 1, 2010

Results and taking it easy-

The surgery went well enough, I suppose. The hospital I went to really gets you in and out- I felt rushed to leave before I was ready. I didn’t appreciate that... also some of the nurses seemed to be getting annoyed with my incoherency. Oh well.

My belly incisions hurt, I ended up with two in total. She spent a few minutes with my husband to let him know what she found, and what she did. He took the best notes that he could, but he didn’t have a clue about what kinds of questions to ask. I suppose I will get some more in-depth information about everything when I call them tomorrow, or when I have my post-op. I have pictures, and they’re really vague but interesting.

So, I don’t know how many holes were drilled, but she took care of the cysts she could see. There were no signs of endometriosis. Tubes are still clear. However, despite ultrasounds and the HSG showing no uterine issues, there was apparently a small septum in there. A- said her exact words were “a little bit of a septum", and she doesn’t know if this septum had any involvement in our miscarriages or if it would cause problems.... but, she removed it to be safe. This truly came as a surprise, and now I am very interested on it’s true size (sorry, “a little bit of a septum” doesn’t cut it for me).

I am assuming the septum removal is why the plans have changed. I am to go ahead and stop the BCP now, and instead start taking Estradiol for two weeks. I don’t know the exact reason why, and am very curious. We should still be doing Clomid and Dexamethasone, but no clue when.

Now I am home, trying to take it easy. Actually, I was told to basically be on bedrest for two days. Oh the joy.

Here's some photos- more of me than you probably want to see! I don't have a scanner, so sorry about the glare because I had to use my camera. 

Here are my ovaries before drilling-

Here they are after-

This is my uterus. The top two show the opening to my fallopian tubes. The bottom right photo is where she removed the septum from. I am not sure about the bottom left,I would assume it's before it was removed but I have no clue-

---ETA* I crack myself up right now. I was researching uterine septums, discovered that this is a genetic defect that occurred while I was in-utero. Well, I looked at my husband and laughed. I said, "How about that? I was born with a deviated septum and a uterine septum! Bwhahahahahaha!" See, I was born with a deviated septum too, and had surgery to correct it in 2003. Haha. Probably not as funny as the pain meds made me think it was, but right now it's hilarious!


Michelle said...

Hmm very interesting. I am glad the surgery went well but I hate it when they rush you out of there. I do not like fast food surgeries. Well, take it easy the next couple days. My hubby would be the same way with getting info. I usually have to write down the questions to ask and then he usually just hands it to the doctor whether it i for me or for him. LOL. I hope you feel better soon!

MrsSpock said...

Ouch, those poor ovaries!

Does the septum removal bring some cautious hopefulness?

I hope your recovery is quick and as painless as possible!

Flying Monkeys said...

My husband will ask only what I tell him too, he rarely asks anything more than that. I think he's worried about forgetting something when he tells me what they say, so he likes to keep it short and sweet.

I hope the septum removal and drilling do the trick.

Here's to a speedy recovery!!

Kristin said...

Wow, those pictures are so cool! And, yes, a septum can cause huge problems with miscarriages. If your pregnancies kept implanting there, they wouldn't and couldn't last.

Hope you have a smooth recovery.

G$ said...

FFS, I knew it. Fucking septums! I hope this does the trick. My doc said mine was "small" too but it certainly did wreak a whole fucking lot of havoc. Glad it's gone!

Estradiol is to keep your lining thin as it heals, it's good to prevent scarring. My doc wanted us to wait 2-3 cycles before trying again after septum resection, but I know many who have tried within the 1-2 cycle after. I had lining issues the first few out, I think as my uterus figured out wtf was going on (Clomid made is horrid, went with femara to help).

I am really hopeful for you, this could be really good news. Hang in there, take time to recoop and treat yourself nicely.

Thinking of you

Jessi Wallace | said...

Wicked cool photos! I hope this works for you. Here's to a fast recovery!

sara said...

Very cool photos...but ouch...ovary and drilling shouldn't be used in the same sentence, huh? I hope you are feeling better soon!

loribeth said...

Catching up here after life, work, the Olympics & computer issues conspired to limit my online time. :p Those are amazing photos. I have a bicornuate uterus. Never knew about it until I was 10 weeks pregnant (emergency u/s after bleeding). I was assured it was nothing to worry about, but of course, after doing some research, I learned it most certainly can be. By the time they finally offered to do something about it, I had decided I was done. :p I did find a great Yahoo group called Mullerian Anomalies -- tons & tons of great info & support there -- you may want to check it out. said... issues about sharing the pics...Am glad that the septum has been dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I find that fascinating! I'm glad that she was able to remove the septum. Even though it was "small", perhaps that is what caused all sorts of trouble.