Saturday, April 12, 2008

Desperate to believe in something

Well, it is now officially CD41. FF gave me possible cross hairs on CD 37... when I take my temp in the morning it will either be confirmed or disproved. Waiting, again. I want to believe it so badly, yet... I don't believe it. I want to, but I hardly think it's telling the truth.

To top that off DH left today on a business trip. He won't return until Wednesday... so, that's depressing. I hate being alone.

I don't feel so good. I'm kinda crampy, like my internal organs decided to become a tight condensed mass. It hurts to sit certain ways because of my tummy and such. Blech.

I'll have to update this once I get tomorrow's temp.
It'll probably be low again. Don't hold your breathes people.
Speaking of people...
there's not anyone out there reading this... is there?

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