Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where the peices may fall

So, I got the insurance manual out last night to see what they cover.
It's not pretty.

They'll cover me getting a diagnosis, and treating medically neccessary things (Like treating IR if I have it, which would be nice...) BUT they do not cover any ovulation inducing medications, no IUI, no IVF. So.. if I get Clomid, that's as far as I'll be able to go... at least for a few years.

It's all so expensive... and yes, I know babies are expensive, but that's the cost of them living. I have to pay for conception, in all likelihood; while most people concieve for free. It's so bull shit.

I'm not putting it off, I'm going to try what I can for now.
And, if it doesn't work, I'll take time off and do two things. One, I will focus on my health. A healthier me has a better chance of conceiving with fertility medication, and on my own. Two, I will save up money for either medications, IVF, or adoption.

Sooooo.... so expensive, and then again with the waiting.... ack.
Waiting, waiting, waiting... maybe the whole lesson here is that I need to learn patience. This is a ridiculous way to teach it though, let me tell you that much!
Absolutely ridiculous.

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