Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three months

The girls turned three months yesterday. I am still exhausted, but doing my best to function. The girls were sleeping through the night, then they stopped, now they seem to be back at it. They've also been cluster feeding before bed the last few nights. They're getting too big for their bassinets and we'll be moving them out of them this week.

I'm feeling very grateful and excited because I've now been nursing longer than I was able to with V. I have no problem with formula feeding, it was a huge relief when we switched to formula with V, but I am still very thankful that things have went so much better this time around. We haven't had to supplement at all, and my supply has managed to keep up. So, first goal met! My next goal is just every month from here on out, with a plan to nurse until at least a year.

The girls are growing well, getting ready to go up a size of clothes (although G is getting there sooner than J). They coo and laugh a lot, although G does tend to talk more. J is great at holding herself up, and can even roll over, while G isn't quite there yet. They're really starting to notice their surroundings, each other, and big brother V too. They are very different girls and it's amazing watching their personalities really come out.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful family. Little E isn't yet rolling over but I have hope that it won't be much longer. She hates tummy time and with the colic I don't force it.

blueeyedtawni said...

Your little ones are beautiful. awesome a goal is met.:)

Stinky said...

OMG I am THE shittest blogger/follower, feck, 3 months!! Hugest belated grats, they're both adorbz. Where has that time gone!?

Well done on the feeding too, good work

Jessi Wallace | said...

Oh my goodness, such precious girls. All 3 of your kiddos are just darling. I love these updates SO MUCH! If anyone deserves this exhausting happiness, it's you!