Friday, September 27, 2013

Decision made-

I started bleeding while on my BCPs again... I have a week and a half until the inactive pills, mind you. A and I discussed stopping them early in favor of beginning this injectable cycle earlier, and we were all for it. I had some reservations, mostly that if we waited a week we would have two pay checks by potential trigger, rather than just one. Looking at the budget I decided it would probably be fine though, so I called to schedule the baseline. And I really didn't want to stay on them, because that means a two week long period. Gah. So it was either have a baseline on the 30th, or on the 7th.

Little did I know that my RE is on vacation this week. Ha! I could have gotten in with another RE, but I need in with my RE because she knows my situation and history better, and I need to discuss everything with her. That's okay though, really! That means we will wait the extra week, and we'll have more time and resources available. It gives me more time to prepare.

So, hopefully... if all goes well... we'll begin stimming on the 7th.

Now I just need to survive the rehearsal tonight, the wedding tomorrow, and the rest of this week!


jessiwallace said...

You can do this!! I can't wait to see that BFP pop up in my blog feed for you! ;)

Rebecca said...

Hoping that you bleeding won't get too heavy.