Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pressing forward-

I went ahead and bought some flaxseed oil capsules to help  supplement my omega fatty acids. I used to put ground flaxseed in stuff as a supplement (waffles/pancakes/etc) but stopped awhile ago. I figured it can't hurt to start that back up though, there are a lot of benefits to it I could probably use. Like memory, in case there are auto-immune things happening, for my clotting issues, etc... So I started that today.

I also ordered Inositol powder. I would have gotten the pills, but the ones I ordered last time were hard and horse sized. So, hopefully the powder will work out. I got it pretty cheap too, so that's a plus. I haven't decided when I should start taking it, to receive optimal benefits from it. I think I might start now, or at the beginning of next month. Eh, decisions decisions. That would give me 3 months of use to hopefully prepare my body and eggs for TTC again though.

My diet has been on/off again. I'm doing pretty well though! I did run into an issue with my workouts. I hurt my right foot somehow, so that it hurt to bend it or apply pressure (so jogging was out.) Walking was a little hard the other day, but it's better now. It's not hurt enough to see the doctor, but it's hurt enough that I'm scared to jog. I've been giving it a week of rest and trying to just stay within my calories. I haven't even went around the block for a walk with V. The scale said 176.6lbs this morning though, so that's not too bad considering.

What is up with constantly hurting my feet/legs though? I know I run into stuff, but wow. I don't remember twisting my foot or anything. I'm thinking I may have bruised the top part somehow (only the top hurts, where/when I bend it). I have a HUGE bruise on the side of my calf on that leg to. I mean, nasty colored, and no idea how I did that. It felt like I must have scraped something, but I don't recall that. I always have bruises on my shins, but I know how those happen- poorly placed coffee table and other furniture. I run into stuff all the time. I've been known to run into walls. Seriously. Face first.

I am clumsy. (sad face)

As for V, thanks everyone for the feedback! I'm thinking we may push back a decision until he's two years or switch pediatricians. I'm feeling a bit more confident in my decision as I read more online and get more feedback. Even if he does have an issue, would waiting 6 more months make a huge difference? I really don't know. We still have time to discuss things, research, and then we have his appointment with his doctor, so we're going to go from there. We don't see his doctor for another two weeks yet.

7 comments: said...

oo I hope your foot is feeling better! I don't think 6 months is out of the question to wait before moving forward.

I haven't forgotten about you-I will get my butt to the post office. Michael is getting baptized this weekend and it in the middle of his first cold.

AnotherDreamer said...

Melissa, it's alright lol. I hope the little guy gets well soon! Poor guy :(

St Elsewhere said...

Well, waiting six months is a good idea.

I think you hit the side of the bed or something? Or your foot got stuck on a step of the stairs (that one is a personal favourite of mine)?

Do you like walnuts?

AnotherDreamer said...

St. Elsewhere, no, we don't have headboards so not the bed. Don't usually hit the stairs either. I do have an additional bruise on top of the foot now, on the other side. I have to be hitting it on something and just not realizing. Probably the coffee table, it seems out to get me LOL.

I do like walnuts, but don't generally eat nuts. More than a couple makes me nauseous, and they're really high in calories.

Rebecca said...

I'm clumsy too. :-(

MrsSpock said...

Have you ever tried chia seeds? I put them in smoothies, use them in place a eggs in baked goods, and make overnight oatmeal with them. You can;t taste them at all

I prefer mine soaked overnight with plain almond milk and half a sliced banana, and then add a TB of peanut butter and fresh blueberries in the morning.

AnotherDreamer said...

Mrs. Spock, I have never heard of overnight oatmeal. That sound neat. Never had Chias seeds either. I will have to try that!