Thursday, June 6, 2013

Scheduling and making plans-

I'm already having issues with the BCP I'm on. I went ahead and scheduled the consult with Dr. M (for the 17th) so hopefully she can get me a new prescription and we can go from there. I had one pack left form the four-phasic brand, so that's what I started this month. Obviously that isn't working out so well. I need to find a generic that works for me though, because generic is $30 cheaper than brand name. And since we're saving for an inject cycle, that's makes a big difference. I just need something to get me through the next three months. Ugh.

I'm hoping we can walk away from the consult with an idea of what tests we can get done, and how they'd be coded. We may pay for a SA too, but not until August or September. I need to ask about my exercise, and medications that A and I are on now too. I'll also update her on our plans for injects in October.

My weight loss still isn't back on track. I'm struggling and I feel lousy about that. I'm trying to refocus on things, I bought healthier snacks, and I'm trying to get back into my workouts. I didn't stop them, but I did slack off here and there. I'm just so bored while jogging anymore. I decided that being bored meant I wasn't working hard enough, so to keep me distracted I've been slowly increasing my pace. I can do 5mph now, for a short while. I mean 6 minutes before I feel like I'm going to die. I jog for 40 minutes (at 3-5mph) and then walk for 15 minutes to cool down. Considering I started out at 2.5mph, that is a pretty significant accomplishment, but man it's hard. I feel so worn out afterward.

On nice days I try to go out for a walk with V. Sometimes it's just a quick walk around the block, or a walk to the library (3 miles round trip). It's definitely less boring than jogging, not to mention less strenuous, but it's not as efficient and the weather isn't all that cooperative most of the time. At least it gives me some variation though.

I really just need to stop making excuses. I have zero determination and willpower. I keep saying that I need to buckle down... but then I don't. I hate that. Here's to hoping I can stick to things better this time around though! Today is a new day, and all that jazz.


aryanhwy said...

Do you listen to music while you run? I find running so mind-numbingly boring, and while the music doesn't make it totally enjoyable, it does help! It also helps give me something to pace myself by, which is nice.

AnotherDreamer said...

Yup, I always have the music pumping lol. I have a playlist, then when I get bored with that I listen to stations on Pandora or my entire music folder on shuffle. It helps, but it's still so monotonous at times. said...

I hear you, I need to start exercising. I just joined ww again and I know the weight will move faster with exercise but I just can't get off my butt and start it.

Nice job with increasing speed!!